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One thing that makes a woman attractive is when she knows exactly what she wants in life, and she fiercely makes decisions that will eventually benefit her. Independent, fierce women and very firm when it comes to what they want and with the decisions they make are the best women to take on a date and eventually be with for the rest of a man’s life.

One great example for these women is the enhanced escorts which we have in the agency. They are very tenacious to get what they want and are undoubtedly sure of these things. Imagine getting a chance to date the girl with a perfect face, perfect body and perfect curves.

How would you feel being with her on your side as you enter the fanciest restaurant in the city and everybody just seemed to stop what they are all doing? All eyes are on you. Men are gasping with dropped mouths and are apparently wiping the saliva coming out from their mouth while women are throwing sharp glances at her so full of jealousy and envy?

It may not be very comfortable to be looked at that way but won’t you feel a little proud upon seeing all their reactions? Man, you are the hottest woman in the room, and everyone is dying to be in your place right now.  Would you be proud or would you rather be the man wiping his saliva off because of envy?

Well, whatever is your answer, one thing is for sure, we all dreamed of having the perfect girl on our side. We all want perfection and no matter how much we try to defend ourselves, we all experienced imagining being the luckiest man on Earth by being able to date the girl with the right curves since that would be like hitting the million dollar lotto jackpot.

The good news is, Dolls and Roses agency have brought these girls in our care, and we can work with these girls. Yes, you have heard it right. Enhanced women are now with the number one escort agency in the world, and they are here to make our goal of being on top and staying on top of the escort industry possible.

These elite escorts in Dolls and Roses agency, aside from being the perfect girl in all angles are also excellent when it comes to socializing and mingling with other people. Thus, it is very obvious that they are the best girls to take during social gatherings and business functions.

These girls are very warm and welcoming making it easier for them and their clients to be comfortable with their presence. They are very willing to go with you even in your long travels and will allow you to enjoy the moment to the fullest. You will not feel bored because every minute is so exciting and fun.

If your kind of enjoyment is just dining and food tripping, we have enhanced models that are not choosy and are a not afraid of gaining weight. It is because these girls know how to take care of their body. You can also bring them to the gym or maybe in a yoga session.  Like other girls in the agency, enhanced women are always in the game and is also good at everything that involves pleasing a man.

Dolls and Roses have never been this proud of our girls especially our enhanced escorts. They promise both fulfillment and pleasure. They would love to hear from you. So, call now and have a little taste of heaven on Earth.

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