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Sao Paulo is the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere. It has more than 15-million people in the city alone, along with ten million people in the surrounding areas. The majority of the residents have Italian lineage; Sao Paulo is also home to a community of African, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, and Jewish.

With its sheer size, collection of communities – each with its background and character, Sao Paulo is undoubtedly a very interesting and fascinating place to visit. It has gorgeous hotels, fancy restaurants, and luxury activities you can enjoy all over town. Don’t worry about the traffic jam, Sao Paulo is popular to have the most helipads in the world – arriving in style.

In Sao Paulo’s southeastern part – the wealthiest area of the city, you can find its cultural, gastronomic center. In this area, it is the home of around 60% of the country’s millionaires. That’s why it is no wonder why you can do a lot of luxury things in Sao Paulo, day and night.

Here, we have listed the things you can do and enjoy in luxury and style in Sao Paulo.

Where to Stay in Sao Paulo

Given the number of tourists Sao Paulo receives in a year, there is no doubt they have an ample number of hotels to choose from. Let’s list down the best and the most luxurious hotels you can stay in and enjoy for your stay,

  • Fasano São Paulo – Located at the prime position at the heart of São Paulo’s exclusive Jardins neighbourhood, this 5-star hotel has a Milan-meets-Manhattan sense of style. This is also a Rogerio Fasano’s flagship tower-block hotel and has been the city’s luxury place-to-stay since it opened.
  • Tivoli Mofarre – This tower hotel has designer style rooms with gorgeous skyscraper views. It has an excellent and world-class restaurant and one of the city’s best spas. In addition, it is only a few minutes walk from the fashion boutiques of Jardins.
  • Hotel Emiliano – This luxurious hotel is undoubtedly calm and ultra-comfortable with giving more importance to discretion. It has a Brazilian design and second-to-none service, making this hotel simply one of São Paulo’s best hotels.
  • InterContinental – Located right in the heart of the city and a block away from the financial and commercial area, this renovated luxury hotel offers a contemporary style that will attract visitors to experience the best side of the city during holidays.

Where to Dine in Sao Paulo

If you love food, you are in a treat in Sao Paulo – where a diverse history and flourishing immigrant community has contributed to the evolution of more than fifty types of global cuisine. That is no wonder why there are a good number of Michelin starred and prestigious restaurants just within the city.

  • Maní – lead by the World’s Best Female Chef in 2014, Chef Helena Rizzo, Mani is a one-starred Michelin restaurant offering dishes like arrowroot gnocchi, palm-heart taglierini, and her famous Maní egg, slow-cooked for 90 minutes.
  • D.O.M. – is a two-starred Michelin restaurant that highlights unique ingredients from all over the country of Brazil.
  • Tangará Jean-Georges – first in South America by the world-famous, Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. It offers dishes using the chef’s signature techniques with Brazilian bounty.
  • Mocotó - listed among the world’s best restaurants, Mocotó offers authentic Brazilian cuisine and pleasant atmosphere. This restaurant specializes in Sertaneja cuisine, and it was first opened in 1973 by Jose de Almeida.
  • Tuju – is a Michelin starred restaurant that provides an urban garden dining setting in Sao Paulo’s Vila Madalena neighborhood. It has an open kitchen, lead by chef Ivan Ralston to feature modern Brazilian cuisine and native seasonal produce that has been sustainably obtained by partnering with artisans and small producers.

What to Do in Sao Paulo

The city is packed with activities to do, whether you are looking for high adrenaline activities, pampering yourself, splurging and spoiling yourself, Sao Paulo has it all for you.

  • Shop – Sao Paolo’s biggest concentration of designer spots is located just off Rua Oscar Freire, in the Jardins district. It is a gorgeous, tree-lined street that is often compared to New York City’s Fifth Avenue. It offers a more friendly shopping experience with a mix of Brazilian and international brands between chic cafes and restaurants.
  • Party Scene - the party never stops in Sao Paulo. If you love and enjoy bars, nightclubs, and live music, you’re in the right city. You can find more upscale nightclubs in the Bohemian neighborhood, Vila Madalena.
  • Charter a Private Helicopter – for a more luxurious and truly memorable experience in the city of Sao Paulo, charter a private helicopter, and have a tour around the city. Remember, Sao Paulo has the most number of helipads in the world, and that equates to the number of helicopters they have in the city – mostly reserved for tourists and businessmen.

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