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Often noted as the fashion capital of the world, Milan is a fascinating part of Italy. You will surely see many people who are well-dressed and many boutiques that you could shop at and find the best designer clothes to take home and wear. Whatever it is that you are here for, you will find many places to go because the art scene is so abundant in this haven. But of course with so many sceneries to enjoy in this city, isn't it nicer to have a companion by your side?

Fortunately for you, Dolls and Roses elite escort agency have a great selection of ladies who are available to have you company during your time in Milan. We only provide you with the best girls who are guaranteed to be high-class escorts. Sophisticated, charming and eager to make your trip a one to remember, these high-end escorts are top-rated indeed. Whether you're travelling to Milan for business events or having a holiday alone, our professional, beautiful escorts will serve your every need. By giving us a call, you could experience what makes them such a hit with our valued clients.

Your Beautiful High-Class Milan Escorts

When you find that it is too difficult to find that girl who could satisfy you as a man, Milan escorts are the answer to that. She has class and elegance, perfect if you are a natural gentleman. These elite ladies are graceful, strong, and humble. These characteristics will surely make your time a memorable experience. She will do anything to support you, especially regarding emotional and moral needs during your stay. Worrying about pleasing your clients at a party? She will be there to exude her charm, and it will surely win over the clients that may close you a deal! You didn't need to worry about carrying out a good conversation because she is well-versed with various topics that will keep you entertained. She is independent and could hold her head high, so her confidence and feminine charm are very alluring to you.

Aside from her natural confidence, beauty, and elegance, she is also a romantic person to be around. Bred from a very romantic city, she is alive with romance. You will feel the sparks flying every time you are with her. They are our pride here in Dolls and Roses Agency because they are in demand. This is because she is beautiful inside too. She has nice hair, beautiful eyes, and a good complexion. Don't waste your time being cosy at the hotel and explore the many exciting places Milan has to offer. With so many places to see with a beautiful lady by your side, it is not a surprise that your memories in Milan will be good whenever you look back.

An Attractive Milan Companion to Complement the City's Beauty

Have you ever considered enjoying the city in the company of an attractive and high-class escort? Our ladies are sophisticated and definitely gorgeous. These women are among the best travel and vacation companions you can ever find, especially in such a wonderful city as Milan. This is because our fine ladies are not only about the looks; they complement their physical beauty with delicate wit and a very warm attitude. You will find that in your Milan vacation, you will not just enjoy what the city has to offer but also the moving company of your lovely Dolls and Roses escort. If you like roaming the city's view, you will definitely enjoy the parks and recreation areas in Milan with your beautiful companion. She'd be very eager to be with you on a leisurely stroll. You'd also find that she's smart and would engage you in an essential conversation. At Dolls and Roses, we guarantee that you would enjoy every minute of your time with your lovely lady.

An Extremely New Getaway Experience

Dolls and Roses is a well-respected and renowned escort agency. We provide an exceptional encounter to high-end clients such as politicians, VIP business people, and even celebrities. Our stunningly gorgeous models are all well-educated, intelligent and friendly. We are confident to say that you will never have an ounce of boredom on your vacation with any of our Dolls and Roses ladies. Just staring at her makes your heart skip a beat. Not only is the city beautiful, but it is also home to a collection of fantastic art and culture. You can experience pure art at its finest in no other place than in Milan. This can also mean that it is a lot easier to get drowned out in the city. You can also relax in the city's history as your date takes you to different museums all over Milan. Indulge in the wonders of the city's performing arts as you testify to the beauty of a ballerina on the stage. When you had your satiety of exploring the city's art view and visiting its parks and attractions, you can always opt to have a more engaging chat as you share a glass of wine in your hotel room. Whatever you have in mind, you would be touched to know that your escort would be more than enthusiastic to indulge.

Take your Milan Date to Milan's Fine Restaurants

If you want to enjoy the Armani theme, you'll want to be assured of booking a table at Nobu Milan, which is situated inside the Emporio Armani store. The Nobu chain is recognised famously worldwide for its luxury and celebrity associations, so you'll be sure to enjoy yourself. The menu mixes Tokyo-inspired flavours with those from South America to create a unique gastronomic journey. If you want something a little more popular for Milan and just as popular with the in-crowd, head to Bagutta. This restaurant has seated many celebrities, including models, entertainers, artists, performers, composers and many more.

A Day with Your Lovely Escort Milan

Most of our clients fall in love with our excellent and elite Milan companions, and with this being said, they love pampering them. If in case you'd like to do so, you can get started by shopping right away. Visit the Via Montenapoleone for your date to choose on Vuitton, Gucci, Armani and more. The international brands are all here. You could plan an entire itinerary around Milan just for the shopping, and many luxury travel gentlemen have done so. If you can, try to visit also the Milan Fashion Week, which happens twice yearly. You'll discover that the city comes alive with style, models, artists and personalities all competing for attention and honouring being the most important of all the VIPs. Milan is a beautiful blend of old and new. It's worth searching the wealth of galleries and exhibits, which are a haven for countless masterpieces. Oh, and the shops aren't bad either – but you don't need us to advise you that! We can recommend our favourite places to eat, and our beautiful Milan escorts love to share a passionate meal with you. La Veranda at the Four Seasons Hotel toils extreme modern Italian cuisine, while Cracco specialises in local recipes such as risotto Milanese and veal Milanese.

If you're not shopping or dining, you may want to check out all of the things and places Milan has to offer that aren't so fashion-driven. Take a yacht out on Lake Como for a relaxing day, or tour the Duomo Cathedral to discover this noble Milan landmark history.

Nightlife in Milan - the right way to party with your VIP travel lady

Of course, Milan has an excellent nightlife. After all, all of those famous visitors must have something to do in the evening. If you then take the charming Girl Next Door from our Dolls and Roses escort agency with you on vacation, nothing will stand in the way of a terrific time! But where should it go now; which are the top clubs in Milan? Even if you're not into the club scene, a nightly aperitif is practically required when in Milan. One designer-inspired club is Just Cavalli Club, where you'll find impressive architecture, interesting interior design, worldwide cuisine and a hot party floor. Slowly dance your date and enjoy the first touch and glimpse of a wonderful endless night. Technology-influenced, this luxury club boosts its guests to dance and party the night all long. In the private lounge on the second floor, you may endure some flirting moments with your high-class Milan Escort. On the other hand, Byblos Club Milano is an equally exciting setting for indoor and outdoor entertainment and loads of exclusively for VIPs.

Colourful, sparkling lights, live music and loud DJs are included too that will satisfy your evening party with your date. If it's too early or too late for dinner, you can find yourself in the boat's first-class café for a midnight snack with your escort. Right in the middle of the Seine on an elegant boat - you're in for some extravagant, exclusive parties here. And how else than with a charming, versatile first-class companion, could you enjoy this luxury fun? There are many star-studded gatherings and events regularly, so be sure to verify in with the club when planning your trip to Milan. Party at the highest level with your escort through the night and experience the stunning nightlife in Milan. You will absolutely not regret it!

A Sensual Evening to Remember

After partying the night outside with your gorgeous woman, go ahead and relax at your hotel. She'll just love to spend the rest of the night in your company. We recommend staying at the Armani Hotel Milano, a sophisticated and super stylish hotel, just as you expect. This hotel has one presidential suite, which will suit your preference, as it incorporates incredible views, heaps of natural light, a full bar, a nice kitchen, study room, dining room and patio. You can also arrange to stay in what was once a perfumery at Magna Pars Suites. The Grand Presidential suite adds lots of seating in the mezzanine area, a dining room, and carefully collected artwork and trademark scent. You can also stay at The Bulgari Hotel– not that you'd expect anything less from the notable Italian design house. If you want some classical Milanese luxury, go for the Palazzo Parigi and choose one of the suites.

Local and International Escorts

Alternatively, you can invite one of our beautiful Milan escorts to join you on any worldwide destination (subject to visa) throughout Europe. For most vacation destinations, regular bookings can be made with no difficulties. Have us a call, and let us make fun of your Milan vacation! – Or indeed, anywhere you find yourself with one of our beautiful travel companions. Visit our escort models available in Milan.

Our Rates

Many of these elite escorts are students and well-educated. Their rate is about £500-600. Dolls and Roses Agency won't betray the promise that these girls are stunning, especially that they are photo models. They range from £700-800. When you want more when it comes to the quality of girl you deserve, there are executive girls, well-educated, catwalk models that are well known, miss world and regions, and TV presenters and celebrities that would cost you for about a rate of £1000.

Safe & Private Engagements

We take an extraordinary effort in maintaining discretion. You can get a 100% guarantee that we will never disclose any information related to you or anything about your date. We cater to high profile clients, from politicians to celebrities, and value each client's privacy and every client. Don't waste your time and effort trying to find a date during your Milan vacation.

Book Now to Secure Your High-Class Milan Escort

Don't go on any vacation alone or pick up some lousy date. Both of these would not end well for you. Contact us now and meet a beautiful and caring lady who would make your vacation something to look back to. Book for a dynamic and elegant companion who would make an extraordinary effort to make your vacation extra unique and memorable. Enjoy that authentic girlfriend experience (GFE) while you are in Milan. Visit the museums, appreciate the art, breathe the fresh air in the parks, and enjoy the nightlife in the company of an exquisite and gorgeous lady! Your Milan companion experience will be such a memorable one that you will see travel and dating in a very different light. Why settle for a half-baked vacation when you can have the best Milan escape? Visit our escort models available in Milan.