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Milan is some place that once you visit, you will not want to go home anymore. Whatever it is that you are here for, you will find many places to go because the art scene is so abundant in this haven. Milan is also known as a fashion capital, so surely you will see a lot of people who are well-dressed and many boutiques that you could shop at and find the best designer clothes to take home and wear. 

But of course with so many sceneries to enjoy in this city, isn’t it nicer to have a companion by your side? Here at Dolls and Roses Agency, we provide you with the best girls who are guaranteed to be high-class escorts. These Milan escorts are charming who possess a unique charm and pleasing personality. Many of these elite escorts are students and well-educated. Their rate is about £500-600.

Dolls and Roses Agency won’t betray the promise that these girls are stunning especially that they are photo models. They range from for £700-800. When you want more when it comes to the quality of girl you deserve, there are executive girls, well-educated, catwalk models that are well known, miss world and regions, and TV presenters and celebrities that would cost you for about rate £1000.         

When you find that it is too difficult to find that girl who could satisfy you as a man, Milan escorts are the answer to that. She has class and elegance, perfect if you are natural gentleman.  These elite ladies are graceful, strong, and humble. These characteristics will surely make your time a memorable experience. She will do anything to support you especially when it comes to emotional and moral needs during your stay. Worrying about pleasing your clients at a party? She will be there to exude her charm, and it will surely win over your clients that may close you a deal!  You didn’t need to worry about carrying out a good conversation because she is well-versed with various topics that will keep you entertained. She is independent and could hold her head high, so her confidence and feminine charm is very alluring to you.

Aside from her natural confidence, beauty, and elegance, she is also a romantic person to be around. Bred from a very romantic city, she is alive with romance. You will feel the sparks flying every time you are with her. 

They are our pride here in Dolls and Roses Agency because they are in demand. This is because she is beautiful inside too. She has nice hair, beautiful eyes, and good complexion. What are you waiting for?

She is game for anything. You could take her to many hotels and restaurants such as Straf Hotel & Bar that is designed in a minimalistic fashion cutting edge, Yard Milano where both of you could see the retro sporting paraphernalia of the owner, the Gray hotel where you could get cosy, you could also go to ME Milan il Duca boutiques wherein you might run into and enjoy partying with fashionistas, or get comfortable at Palazzo Parigi, which is a grand hotel that was a bank before but now is boasting its vintage vibes.  

Don’t waste your time being cosy at the hotel and explore many exciting places Milan has to offer. We suggest the Navigli‘s art galleries, the stunning architecture of the Duomo di Milano, and catching a play at the famous La Scala theatre. With so many places to see with a beautiful lady by your side, it is not a surprise that your memories in Milan will be good whenever you look back.

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