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Rates £700 – £800

Away Models


Until 30 June


Until 23 June

When your manly instinct kick in, you need to satisfy it because it will haunt you. Many men are actually supressing their desires, but in the end it made them unhappy. Women are there for a reason because you need the feminine to feel like a man. You can be with any woman, but why don’t you want to be with a high class woman? You deserve them. After all, you have been working so hard already. You need to reward yourself.

When it comes to women, you want her to be beautiful right? We are sure you have an interest in models. You just happened to be frozen for a moment when you see them smiling at you from a picture whether from a magazine page or from a billboard. Every man is wishing that they could take home a model for a wife or someone they could take out and parade to the world. 

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