Why you should never trust cheap escorts? Why people regret after choosing a cheap escort!

Why people regret after choosing a cheap Escort

Cheap escorts don’t put maximum determination and efforts on their clients. This is least of their priorities as they are always after making quick money. These escorts would probably do anything with no worry of losing because after all their prices are cheap and they will get clients anyway. The question is why would you risk all your efforts for a cheap escort and regret later? Here are the following reasons why you should never trust cheap escorts.


  • They are unprofessional and unskilled

Most cheap escorts are always out there for the pay and do not care about delivering the expected services. They are in most cases unskilled and might end up wasting your money with no results. You would rather spend your money on escorts from Dolls and get all your expectations met from well trained and professionals. Cheap escorts can’t be trusted as personal safety comes first. They could hurt you in the process of them attending to you since in most cases they are unaware of doing things and you wouldn’t want that.

  • They are unreachable

If anything happens and you want to trace cheap escorts it is a problem. Cheap escorts avoid spending their money on agencies hence they don’t have proper profiles and ways of reaching them. That is more reason why you should consider getting escorts from Dolls and Roses as they have legit escorts. Their prices are reasonable and you have guaranteed quality services. In the case of follow-ups, they are easily reached as they have profiles that are active and have emergency contacts.

They could rob you

Cheap escorts do not mind standing by the streets and looking for clients. Imagine picking up a total stranger and taking them to your house or hotel room. There have been so many reported cases of such instances where the clients end up being drugged and taken advantage of in so many ways. These cheap escorts could rob you since they don’t have a constant price. Such cases cannot be reported either coz they assume you picked them up at own free will and were aware of the risks. La Belle agency ensures that their escorts clearly state their prices upon negotiation and hold their end of the deal.


  • They are in most cases not attractive

They avoid putting up their photos for you to see since in most cases they are not as attractive as you may think. Dolls and Roses and La Belle both have a high reputation for beautiful, classy and sassy escorts so why go for cheap escorts and be disappointed?

Why people regret after choosing cheap escorts!

  • They end up paying less cash and getting no quality services.
  • The escorts come and rob from them and they can not report the situation.
  • Cheap escorts do not care about privacy at all. Most of the times they end up exposing you and this could ruin your reputation especially in cases of married men who just want a good time.
  • They are so demanding and may threaten you if their demands are not met. Again putting you in a tight situation of not being able to report the situation.
  • They are not attractive and may have used other people’s profiles to make you pay them first.
  • Cheap escorts may end up not showing up to the agreed location and have no ways of being found.

The above and other reasons are why you should not think of getting cheap escorts at all. Agencies and companies like Dolls and Roses ensure that your spending is worthwhile. On the other hand La Belle upon recruiting their escorts to ensure that they give all their details and makes it easier to follow up!

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