Why To Stay Single

Why To Stay Single

Most of your friends are probably married by now, and you are wondering why it is that you’re the only one who’s single. Well, when such thoughts crop up your up mind, the best way to counter them is to remind yourself of all the fun you can have as a single. Don’t forget, being single is pretty awesome. Here are some few things to remind you why to stay single;

  • Mind About You And Yourself

When single, there is a lot less to worry about. There’s no worrying about getting home late or from a wild night out. If you decide to go back home at 3 am you aren’t answerable to anyone. No one needs an explanation for any of your actions. In fact, you are the one to decide what’s right for you and what’s not. Make your own rules, do what you want to do at whatever time without explaining yourself to anybody.

  • More Money

Being single means having all your money to yourself. No explanations on how the money was spent. You can choose to go for trips or buy anything without consulting anyone. If you decide to save some, the better for you. There’s no one to impress and therefore no expensive dates to guzzle your money.

  • You’re Not Tied Down

When you are single, no one is tying you down. Whatever decisions you make are acceptable. You can flirt with anyone you desire. Well, though it feels good to have a reliable partner whom you can rely on for safe engagements, nothing is as good as no limits on who you can or can’t see. As a matter of fact, this offers you a golden moment to also hook up with our sexy damsels at Dolls and Roses;  you’ll be spoilt for choice from the tens of elegant, shapely models available.

  • Focus On What You Love

What are your hobbies? Did you know that when you are single is the opportune time to focus on your hobbies? You have all the time in the world for yourself. Why not spend it by doing what you love? Try out something different every week. Visit various places around the world. If you have the means, make use of it when single. Enjoy yourself to the fullest while you have the opportunity. And when is that? Now, would be the answer.

  • Personal Growth

True, there’s a lot to learn by being in a relationship. However, to attain more happiness and longevity in learning, it’s best done when single. This is the time you get to personally grow and make decisions that you feel proud of.

  • Focus on Your Careerwhy-to-stay-single

Your career is just as important as anything else in your life. When single, job transfers are easy to take. At this point in your life, your career is your best friend. When you put all your focus on your job, you are most likely to get more promotions and even higher pay. You have no one to offend when you accept a job offers in other towns. All you think about is how to become better at what you do.

  • More Time for Friends

Friendships are crucial relationships. You don’t have to have boundaries while choosing friends, everyone goes. What’s more, you don’t have to hang around people that you don’t like just because you want to impress someone. Your singlehood is the best experience you can ever have with your friends. Do stupid things together.

  • Variety

As a single person, you can decide to spend each day with a different person. You don’t have to keep up with a routine that already bores you. You have the freedom to move, no one to judge you and the entire house space by yourself.

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