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5 Reasons Why To Stay Away From Cheap Escorts

5 Reasons Why To Stay Away From Cheap Escorts

It is a fact that there are so many escort agencies in the UK not to mention the individuale scorts. What this means is that the cost of getting an escort varies widely. However, agencies that charge relatively higher than what you would consider “cheap” escort services such as Dolls and Roses, mostly have a valid reason for doing so; quality being one of the top reasons on the list. With this in mind, here are some of the top reasons why you should steer clear of cheap escorts.

You Might Be Defrauded

When you have spent your money on an escort, your guard is already down; way down for that matter. You have intentionally invited the model to your apartment or hotel, and you anticipate having a good time with her. However, all you know about her is what you saw on her profile. Probably she works for herself and does not have an agency such as Dolls and Roses, which has strict guidelines and standards set as well as thorough assessment before joining the agency, which made her escort services cheap. If you are not careful, once you give out your address to the escort, don’t be surprised to find some valuable items in your apartment will disappear.

They are a Haven for Scams

Like any other form of business, you may need to give out your credit card details when hiring escort services. If you go for the cheap escort agencies, chances are that all they need is your credit card details. You don’t want your details to fall into the wrong hands and end up losing what you have sweated tirelessly working to earn.

Exposure to Con Artist

Many con artists are coming up with clever ways of getting their victims. One way that they have successfully tapped is using escorts as bait. They know that you cannot report to the authorities since you want your privacy intact. To avoid falling victim of these con artists, avoid cheap escorts like you would a plague.

Privacy Invasion

It is the desire of every gentleman going for an escort to have his privacy guaranteed. However, chances are that cheap escorts will jeorpodize your privacy. You may find your details and information in places that you never imagined. To avoid such, take your time to investigate and find the best escort agencies available in your area.


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