How to Have Fun in Your Twenties

How to Have Fun in Your Twenties

Letting go of your wild youthful self and having fun can uplift your life and spirit to unimaginable heights. It can provide you with utmost joy, confidence and peace that surpass words. Unfortunately, not many people can conjure creative ways of having fun. This is for obvious reasons. We are so afraid that having fun will: Be too expensive for us, bring shame on us, require a lot of thinking and planning, or lead to disasters.  But life is short and you should enjoy it while you are still in your twenties. Here is how:

Know Your Ideal Fun Activity

First of all, before you engage in any fun packed activity, it is important to at least have an idea of the major activities you like to engage in. For instance, going on a surprise trip can be a good idea for your friend but not the ideal fun for you. Thus choose your fun activity bases on its merit and demerit.

Go On a Solo Trip

Enjoying yourself is sometimes not all about being around the people you love. It can be just the opposite; being alone. You can therefore decide to plan and travel alone to a secluded place you have never been before. From the travel experience, you will surely be able to learn a lot about yourself, travel destinations and if lucky, get fresh perspective on life.

Try Camping

If you have never been camping before then maybe you should try it out. The experience of having to live-in the forest, cave or spending your holiday somewhere outside your original home is worthwhile. Thorough these experience you will gain life survival skills that will ensure your longevity for years to come.

Make Money Via Online

If you consider making money part and parcel of fun, then maybe you should consider applying for an online job. There are so many online jobs to choose from; content writing, Data entry, Proof Reading, Ghost writing, Article writing, you name it, you do it.  The advantage with these types of jobs is that they are not time bound. You can do them on a part time or full time basis. This means more time for fun.

Join a Dancing Class

The fact that you are in your twenties does not mean that you won’t be old one day. Thus, use your youthful fun time constructively by enrolling for dance classes.  Salsa, hip hop, ballroom dance are just a few of the common dances routines to choose from.

How to Have Fun in Your Twenties
Bungee Jumping

Jumping from a tall structure or cliff with a suspension

on your leg is not something you can do in your 70’s. You can thus take the opportunity to do it while still young and once experience how it feels like to be on top of the world.

Plan a Trip with Your Friends

With the nature of being too busy at work or in school, most youth have adopted the use of social media to plan group trip with their friends. You can thus plan for a get together trip with your friends no matter how far they live.

Be a Volunteer

Offering your time and skills for free to your community or to an organization as a youth can be a very noble and fun alternative, especially if you are bored at home. Volunteering provides you an opportunity to learn to appreciate the value of being part of a community. Many people have further secured jobs as a result of volunteering.


As a young man or lady in your twenties, there are a lot of fun activities you can engage in to enhance your physical, social, and spiritual life. Doing thorough research before engaging in fun activities is important as your life is your wealth.

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