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What Happens On A Alpha Male Boys Night Out

What Happens On A Boys Night Out

Boys night out is the loose term used to describe an outing where men hang out with their fellow buddies, for fun, talk, and just hanging out. Men are like wolves by nature; they have the ‘hunting’ instinct in them and will not hesitate to chase any attractive, single woman they come across. But like all wolves, there’s always a pack leader, usually known as the alpha male. Even on a boy’s night out, there will always be that alpha guy who is in the middle of the table, who speaks most and everyone listens eagerly. There will be the less talkative guy sitting on the edge of the table, sometimes even being sent by the rest to get drinks, check whether the car is properly locked, and so on so forth. There’s nothing absolutely wrong with this, it’s part of the pack arrangement.

How to act like the alpha male on a boy’s night out

Now, a boys night out is often a matter of boys alone. Girlfriends and wives are left behind so that the guys can speak and act as freely as possible. You can pull a surprise on the rest of the guys by showing up with a pretty, hot lady. Not the girlfriend or partner they know or have met; rather, a completely new face! And you have to do this in style. Once you’ve agreed on what place you’re all meeting, let’s assume a certain club in London, wait until your friends have arrived. You should purpose to walk in last, like the boss! Just when everyone has sat down and is having their drinks or meals, chatting lively, then turn up with your date! Preferably, get an escort from top agencies like dolls and roses because this is the only way you’re assured of getting a pretty and polished girl who’s well mannered. Your boys will instantly go silent the moment you step in holding your lady’s hand.

Get a seat next to the group, close enough to be part of the conversation but also far enough to be able to engage your date. Even the purported alpha male will be silenced by the presence of your beautiful escort. The good thing with an escort in such kind of a gathering is that she’ll stick with you; even flirting openly to leave no doubt that she’s yours for the night.


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