Best Clubs In Las Vegas

Best Clubs In Las Vegas

If you are looking for a crazy club to blow your money on drinks, spend some time with awesomely hot chicks and enjoy foolish tips, then welcome to Las Vegas. This is the place where the best nightclubs in the world are found so you might want to get a sneak peek of these spots;


  1. XS

    This is part a rooftop club for the classy and affluent party animals. As one of the most expensive clubs around, this casino bar located on Wynn Encore has a gold touch wherever you look and if you need some breathing space away from the crowded dance floor, then you can head to the outdoor poll area and enjoy some
  2. Marquee

    This bar has lots of space and you can choose to chill out in of the many rooms available. There is even a library. Get rid of the Monday blues by hopping in to this club which is also known for hosting hot girls. The outdoor area by the pool provides a relaxing atmosphere especially if you want to have some private time with your date.
  3. Light

    This is one of its kind because it is not just an ordinary club, it gives you a real show; with acrobats dangling from the ceiling and an enormous LED screen. There is actually a thin line between weekdays and weekend here, since it is usually full even on working days. Definitely something you want to check out when you are in Mandalay Bay.
  4. 10AK

    Think of a combination of a night club and a movie theatre when you step inside 10AK. The dance floor is overlooked by a rectangular room. You get to spot all the peoBest Clubs In Las Vegasple on the dance floor, including that hot chick when in this elevated position. The Kardashians like hanging out here and this is where Kim and her hubby Kanye hosted the New Year’s eve bash.


Las Vegas never falls short of expectations when it comes to offering the craziest clubbing experience. The nightclubs have a lot of space, are built in amazing architectural designs and the girls are just drop dead gorgeous. There options are endless and the gambling spots might just earn you back the money you spent on champagne. A place to brush shoulders with the hottest celebrities, it is surely worth the effort.

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