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Why Graduate Escorts Are Preferred In London

Why Graduate Escorts Are Preferred In London

London escorts are some of the most beautiful, classiest women you’ll find anywhere in the world. Many escort agencies around the world have their own share of ladies, but there is something irresistible about a London escort. Their killer looks, soft skin, and polished demeanor; London escorts are the top cream of the escort world, and they keep on getting better. Some time back, the trend was for escorts to double up as super models. That trend is now history, and the stylish thing nowadays is to have graduates double up as escorts. And they don’t do this for fun; this has been necessitated by an increasingly sophisticated clientele that demands a lady that combines both brains and beauty.

Why the sudden interest for graduate escorts in London

  • In order to understand why graduate escorts in London are the new trend in town, you have to look at the client’s preferences. Most clients are increasingly looking not just for a lady to have fun with behind closed doors, but also while out in the open. This means that unlike in the yester years when clients would only consider the looks, and size or shape of the girl, things have been taken a notch higher. Today, a typical London escort is either a graduate of the leading universities and colleges, or is a career woman that does escorting as a part time occupation.
  • Unlike ordinary ladies that are picked and then trained to become escorts, graduates are easier to polish up. They always have confidence, and the ability to build rapport with the client in ways ordinary escorts don’t. Assume that you are holding a VIP party, where in attendance you expect elite gentlemen, business associates and colleagues, etc. In such a setting, you’d have to ensure that the escorts you pick for the day are intelligent, polished, and quite well cultured. Only a graduate is able to possess these and more traits. A good example is what happens at Dolls and Roses, the leading agency in London. They have a special pool of graduates that specialize in offering VIP escort services to a few select discerning gentlemen.
  • Seeing that most graduates are in their very early and mid 20s, it goes without saying that they have the looks, and figures that any man would desire. They are young, with soft glowing skins, white flashy teeth, and long, healthy hair. They often work out at the gym and have very toned bodies. This combination of physical fitness and being brainy makes them the perfect lady for any man. Most men prefer to book these young ladies compared to their older counterparts, thanks to their wild and adventurous natures.
  • Graduate escorts in London are viewed by many as a bit liberal and more open minded. With these vixens, you are always free to share your wildest fantasies without worrying about her frowning in bewilderment or disbelief. In other words, they are always willing to explore the unknown, to chart new courses in their pursuance of client satisfaction. Nowadays, men are coming out of their cocoons to speak out about their desires and fantasies, which means that the ladies too have to be accommodative, and as open minded as they can.
  • Graduate escorts in London are also classy. From the way they dress, walk, talk, smile, flirt, hold their forks and glasses while dining; they are the epitome of feminine perfection. Clients looking for a classy, sophisticated, yet down to earth lady to be with always find the graduates the real deal.


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