Why Escorts Love Music When Enjoying And Satisfying A Man's Desire?

Why Escorts Love Music When Satisfying Man

When words fail, music speaks; these were the wise words of one William Shakespeare, the legendary literary author and poet. How true this is! Throughout time in history, music and romance have gone hand in hand. There is something about good music and the human emotions and feelings, that is hard to describe in words. And this trend continues to reign even in today’s world. In most word class hotels, soft music is played during lunch or dinner for guests; even in gyms and sporting facilities, music is increasingly being used in training sessions. Is it then a surprise, that when it comes to London escorts, a huge number of them are likely to feel more at home during your romps, if there’s some nice background music playing? The truth of the matter is that music plays a big role not just on the escort, but also in helping the client relax during a massage for instance!

Why Escorts Love Music When Enjoying And Satisfying A Man's Desire

However, music plays a larger role when it comes to helping escorts satisfy a man’s desires;

  • First and foremost, it is worth noting that most of the escorts you’ll find in London have been carefully selected, and trained on the real art of pleasing and pleasuring a man. This includes the use of music to create a soothing, hypnotizing environment for the best adult moments possible. Major agencies like Dolls and Roses will train their ladies for up to two months, during which time they are taught all the skills necessary in their job.
  • Another thing of importance is the fact that most of these escorts are young,, sometimes ladies in their early 20s. They are trendy as they are fashion conscious, and to them, music is just a part of them, listening to their favorite songs during a task or when having fun is just the way to go! And you see, part of being a gentleman is the ability to let the lady have her way as often as possible; it music is what makes her heart tick, why, let her enjoy herself!
  • Nowadays, it is common practice and procedure, that in Beauty Spas and Massage Parlors, soft background music is used during the massage and therapy session. The soft, soothing music has been found to help the client’s mind relax, even help his muscles and reflexes to be generally at ease. Escorts are awake to this reality, and will always request for some music during your moments together. If she’s going to give you that full body massage after an exhaustive day, you can always expect some nice background music to play behind
  • Lastly, there is something magical and wild about music when a couple is making out. It’s like you see in the movies when a couple has been hungry for each other, and they suddenly find themselves alone in the living room; kissing wildly, passionately, ripping one clothe off after another, all with a great song or hit playing in the background. Music helps cement the moment; it helps entrench the memories of the moment more firmly into our minds. Indeed, 2 years after spending time with a London escort, you may not remember all the exact words she said; but some songs will always remind you of the special moments together, of that ride in the back of a taxi, or the moments you cuddled on the sofa with a Britney Spears “Born to make you happy” playing in the background.


At Dolls and Roses, we believe that music and romance are inseparable. Anytime you’re picking one of our stunning escorts, you can always be sure that she’s lively and bubbly. Music mellows both the escort and the client, setting the perfect atmosphere for a romantic encounter.

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