The Best Place In London To Go With High-Class Escort

Best Place To Go With High-Class Escort

You have walked into Dolls and Roses and gotten yourself the best high-class escort for your desire. Now, to impress her, look for a beautiful, posh place in London where you can whisk her away into the best London experience any lady can ever imagine. Well, though picking the right place to go might not be a walk in the park, there are a number of ways here and there that you can use to find the best place to take a high-class escort such as the one you have just found at Dolls and Roses.

  • Impress her with high-end experience by taking her to The Heights Bar, located at the Langham Place’s St George’s Hotel. The bar is all the way on the 15th Floor of the hotel and right next to it is the Oxford Circus. Excite your beautiful, high-class escort with the stunning West End views. What’s more, catch a glimpse of the celebrities in town since BBC Broadcasting House is just next door.
  • For the book lovers, The Book Club in Shoreditch is the perfect selection where you will enjoy a combination of brains and style in this inventive events program. It’s a perfect mixture of tech, music, literary stuff and craft within the unending double floors. In the basement bar, let her eyes enjoy the incredible ceiling made of nothing but light bulbs from one end to the other. It is just the perfect option for two geeks who want to enjoy each other’s company.The Best Place In London To Go With High-Class Escort
  • Have a glance of the spectacular City view at The Campari Bar, and the Franks Café. Being in London during the summer is the perfect excuse to visit these two places located at the top of Peckham – a multi-storey car park – that is the finest place to take your gorgeous high-class escort like the ones you find at Dolls and Roses. Watch the sunset in this unusual setting together as the night fades away.
  • Are you looking for a combination of arty sophistication with riverine pleasures? The Tate to Tate Sailboat promises to offer this and much more. Your high-class escort will have nothing left to impress her eyes after a trip on this classy clipper. Another perfect nautical experience is a jaunt to the Greenwich where the two of you can enjoy a G&T from the yacht’s bar.
  • If you a romantic kind of a guy, you want to take her to the V&As weekly Lates evening where she will enjoy a combination of wine, music and all things beautiful. Have the perfect Friday night experience at this world class spot with the museum open up until 10 pm. Gordon’s Wine Bar is yet another incredible romantic super comfy place where you can whisper all the sweet nothings to each other’s ears as you enjoy the mouth-watering delicacies.
  • Although a cliché, going to the movies at London’s inventive cinemas is unbeatable as the first date with your striking high-class escort. The current cinematic scene in London has spontaneity where there are secret cinemas, pop-up screens in unusual locations, dress screenings that are fancy and even cinemas that are made from refrigerators. For a memorable evening, the Queen Of Hoxton roof is the perfect spot.
  • For a tantalizing traditional date, take your high-class escort at the Berkeley to enjoy the great Pret-a-Portea which comes with a trendy twist.The trimmings are served impeccably and presented exquisitely for you to enjoy. Also enjoy the fancy cakes and sandwiches that are inspired by Miu Miu, Tom Ford, and Victoria Beckham.
  • Other places that you can try out include the Goring Dining Room for a star-studded cuisine, The Restaurant at Sanderson for creative cookery, The Gherkin’s Searcy’s, the Luggage room for something a little different, and the list is just endless.

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