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What It Means To Be A High-Class Escort In London?

What It Means To Be A High-Class Escort In London?

Clients love getting excellent services but fail to realise that there is a difference between regular and high-class escorts. Popularly referred to as a courtesan, a high-class escort provides both physical, and emotional needs of a client. While every client has unique needs here are some of the services that are commonly provided by high-class escorts in London.

  • You set your own working time and choose the customer you want to see. Clients also have to book this girl hours or even days in Confirming her availability beforehand is crucial as most of the high-class escorts have other regular jobs or are in school.
  • She will dress up according to how the clients want to see them which can include sexy lingerie or a costume for attending a themed party.
  • What is written in the bio is the escort’s personality. It includes what she likes and the services willing to provide. The physical features such as hair colour and size of boobs are added. However, this girl can also set limits on what is acceptable like if she does not accept anal, it will be clearly stated.
  • She can also charge extra for some other services like massage. She can refuse a client especially those which she has had negative prior experiences.
  • She is paid more money as compared to a regular escort and provides services to very few clients in a day so as to build an emotional connection with each customer. This strategy works to help her know the in-depth needs of every client she meets.
  • The most lucrative part of booking a high-class escort is the ability to get the girlfriend experience. From taking her to a classy restaurant for dinner then back to your apartment; with this type of girl, you will worry less about sexual pleasure as you know it will be provided in the end. She gives you a real imitation of having a girlfriend which includes deep intimate kissingflirting, striptease and foreplay.
  • Most of these girls are taken to a high-class restaurant, luxurious apartments and can even travel abroad to meet the client.


In the natural love life, you can be judged because of having unique fetish desires. However, at Dolls and Roses, our high-class escort provides each client with a non-judgmental space where they can be themselves and have the courage to fulfil their fantasies. Apart from satisfying all physical needs, these girls provide an emotional connection which prevents the client from seeing her as a tool but as a lady.

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