What does it really mean when men refer to a woman as sexy?

What Is Really Sexy

What does it really mean when men refer to a woman as sexy? What does sexy entail? At what point is a woman considered not just smartly dressed, but sexy? Well, the answer will interest you. Truly, being sexy is more than just showing more skin, or revealing a bit too much. And it’s even more than just being attractive sexually. Rather, sexy means a delicate balance between decent and desirable. You overdo it by revealing too much and you’re termed a slut. You under do it by covering up too much and you’re termed as dull and boring! As a girl, you must always balance between commanding the respect that comes from being dressed decently, as well as trigger the desire or attractiveness that comes from looking nice. Sounds a bit confusing, right? It shouldn’t.

From a man’s perspective, there are different things that make a woman sexy. No, it’s not necessarily about the size or shape of her breasts. It’s even not about her derriere and how tight her dress is. Rather, sexiness is subtle, it doesn’t shout or roar. It’s the subtle attractions a man identifies in a woman he fancies, absorbs them silently, and feels good about it! In most cases, most men are attracted to an intelligent woman! A woman who listens, and responds intelligently on the topic at hand; most men will find themselves attracted to such. When you think he’s listening to her speak, he’s secretly admiring her lips as she talks, her feminine voice, the way she moves her hand to explain a point; the man’s mind is racing, thinking the woman to be so sexy.

For other men, sexiness can be about a woman’s eyes. Her eyebrows, her stare, eye color; these can arouse much in a man even without the lady having uttered a word. Women should never confuse sexiness, for sexual attraction. A man may find you attractive and want to sleep with you based purely on your figure, looks, or suggestive dressing. But when a man finds you sexy, he may desire to come closer and get to know you, hang out with you, and be content to leave it at that at least on the first few days.


The secret to being sexy as a woman is in being yourself. Be real, don’t try to exaggerate things.  You may spend a fortune to dress the best that you can, get the best perfume, and go for a date. Yet, the only thing that will strike your date as being sexy could be your laughter, walking style, accent, etc!

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