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What do escorts really do?

What do escorts really do?

What do escorts really do? Is it always about sex, what are they doing when not meeting clients? Do clients ever have time for family and friends? Do escorts really love their jobs, or circumstances push them to such? These questions are the most common questions people ask themselves. The answer to all these is that Yes, escorts do have other lives apart from what we see when they are in the line of duty. And yes, they have time for family and friends! In fact, some escorts especially MILFS and the more mature ones have children who go to school, and lead ordinary lives! Thus, escorting is no different from any other job; every escort plans her time accordingly between work and family.

  • Contrary to what most guys assume, an escort doesn’t wake up, eat, and live escorting alone! Instead, most escorts are professionals who know how to plan their time accordingly. It may surprise you to note that majority of London escorts have other part-time jobs. Thus, she may be working as a cashier, waitress, or whatever, but she offers part-time escorting services!
  • Another thing worth noting is that most escort workout hard in the local gyms to stay fit. Those curves and taut tummies you see don’t come automatically! These are the fruit of their hard work and serious training. Thus, by the time you’re hooking up with an escort in the evening, she has probably spent several hours working out at the gym, and some more sleeping and resting! Professional escorts, in particular, are keen on their body shapes and will adhere to strict training regimens that may go on for months.
  • Once an escort hooks up with a client, it is worth clarifying that not all encounters lead to sex! Some clients want a simple girlfriend experience in terms of company, and nothing more! Such a client may request an escort to show them around London, accompany them for shopping, dinner dates, sightseeing, and so on so forth! So the next time you come across an escort before you rush to assume that she has slept with every man, remember that not all encounters are sexual.

Another essential thing that escorts do is offering body massages. A body massage may have a happy ending, or not; it all depends on what the escort agrees with the client. Most of these massages are offered in specially designated massage parlors. Needless to say, some of these massage parlors are professionally run, and they don’t allow the clients to sleep with the masseurs; at least not in the premises. For an escort to keep her skills on top, she may attend fresher courses during the day time where she learns the true art of body massage and sex skills. Most escorts in London are well conversant with Kama Sutra, Yoga, and other arts that help improve their bedroom skills.

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