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7 Reasons To Visit London For Summer 2017

7 Reasons To Visit London For Summer 2017

is arguably one of the best cities to visit or live in the world. This glorious capital of the UK attracts millions of visitors each year, some for holidays, shopping, others in transit to other destinations. The best time to visit the city is in summer when the weather is a bit hotter. Unlike most cities in the northern hemisphere that become really hot in summer, the heat in London is manageable, even a bit friendlier. During this time, the locals find fun engaging in various fun activities from picnicking, frolicking to the beaches, to mention but a few.

Below, have a look at 7 solid reasons why London is the place to be in this summer of 2017;

  • The Wimbledon; between June 27 and July 10 each year, London city hosts the biggest sporting event in the country. The mood changes and the excitement is palpable in the streets. Giant screens are erected in the middle of the streets, while bars fill to the brim with locals enjoying their beers as they cheer on their favourite stars. This is the best time for a visitor to sample and enjoy the true spirit of the English people.
  • Picnics; summer is also the time that most locals retreat to the countryside or to families, where they spend time doing BBQ, beers, and other family moments. As a visitor, you’ll be pleased to spend time in the neatly maintained Primrose Hill Park, Richmond Park, or even Greenwich Park. Here, you can mingle with the locals, basket full of goodies in hand as you stroll around and enjoy the lovely weather.
  • Rooftop bars; Englishmen love beer and London has over the years become the best evidence of just how seriously they take this drink. Rooftop bars that offer a fantastic view of the city and streets below, strangers enjoying drinks like they’ve been friends for the longest time ever; this is the spirit here during summer. Sometimes, the Sun is still high up at 11 pm during summer.
  • Best sales; June and July are traditionally the months that you can get the best bargain here in the UK. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that some stores offer up to 70% price reductions in the name of discounts and bonuses. Most stores in London are often full during this time; in most instances, the wait is always worth it. Even the top, most luxurious brands that you’d never expect, give discounts during this time.
  • Open-air theatres; lovers of literature and performed arts will also have much to indulge in during summer. The open-air theatres where artists perform at night under the moonlight are popular with many people. Get to watch Shakespeare plays being acted under the moonlight, preferably with some good company by your side.
  • Sundance festival; the Sundance film festival starts in the US in January, then pitches a tent in London in June. This festival attracts fans from all over Europe. Visitors who love cinema can’t afford to miss this huge event that brings the who-is-who in the world of Film.
  • Music festivals; London is also alive with music festivals and event during summer, where popular artists, major bands, top DJs all congregate to entertain fans. They include WAF, Raw Power, Field Day, and many more.

In Summary;

Here at Dolls and Roses, ours is to suggest reasons why you should visit London in 2017 during summer as well as provide you with classy escorts to keep you company while at it. London is clearly the place to be at this summer.

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