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VIP Mayfair escorts - The true elite!

VIP Mayfair Escorts in London

As you might expect, our elite escorts offer incalls in the Mayfair area of London. The gallery of girls you see here are all happy to entertain gentlemen at their exclusive, luxury apartments all located in the Mayfair area. If you prefer to visit the lady of your choice rather than have her come to you then you will require an incall appointment and this means that you are limited to the ladies20who live in this part of West central London. Obviously should you be staying in one of the many exclusive hotels then you can have any of our stunning young ladies visit you in Mayfair and you are then not limited only to the ladies you see before you.

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Mayfair is where you will find many of the international Embassies for countries all over the world. Because of this, we have lots of foreign dignitaries who all like to enjoy their time off with our gorgeous and exclusive Mayfair escorts. Everything in this part of London is exclusive from the shopping to the restaurants, the nightlife and the ladies. If you are looking for the very best that London has to offer – you will find it in Mayfair.

Mayfair is one of the few London locations without a tube station although given the type of people who live and work in the area, chauffeur driven transport is much more ‘de-rigeur ‘. Our range of VIP services also include private chauffeur transport so you certainly will not have to join the throng and travel by public transport!

History has shown that Mayfair has always been a high class and exclusive area. As far back as the 1600’s when settlements where first formed the area was held in great esteem and only the most wealthy were able to live here. The annual fortnightly fayre that was held – and where the name Mayfair was derived – had to be moved elsewhere as residents complained about it lowering the tone of the area – so we had a class society even back then.

In the 1700 and 1800’s the area was largely developed by the landed gentry of the day. They became the wealthy landlords of areas including Mayfair and also Belgravia and to this day, much of the area is still owned by the crown. If you want to live here then you will certainly pay a small fortune for the privilege although if you live here then you will be in the elite 1% of the country and it won’t be too much of a worry.

At Dolls and Roses, we are considered to be an elite escort agency of the highest calibre. It is only right, therefore that we have a good presence in the most affluent areas of London, Mayfair being one of them. Our ladies are perfectly happy to entertain gentlemen at their own Mayfair homes or alternatively, if you prefer to get out and about then our stunning elite companions are also happy to accompany you.

There are many exclusive casinos, restaurants and bars to visit in the local vicinity and all our super model escorts are at ease in all social surroundings. Whether it is an intimate dinner a deux or a wild night at the casino, our ladies will always arrive appropriately attired for the event ahead. Why not make your tryst into an overnight encounter and extend the experience through the night. Give us a call and we will ensure that all your need are met.

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