Best Places In London To Visit In Month Of May 2017

Best Places In London To Visit In Month Of May 2017
London-places-to-seeVisiting London

is always bound to impress you regardless of how many times you do so. May is an example of the perfect month for you to visit; during this time, the Spring sunshine and gentle winds make the weather so ideal. During this time, you can learn a lot about the English culture, their love for plays and literature often conducted in open-air theatres, nightlife culture, and so on so forth. So you are thinking of visiting this wonderful around May, and aren’t sure of the best places to visit? Just sit back and go over the below suggestions. It’s all about having fun, and getting to experience the true hospitality and spirit of brotherhood ever so common among the English people;

  1. Warner Bro Studio Tour London; this is a must-visit for Harry Potter fans and friends. The studios here have costumes and props that were used in the making of the famous film. Also, the studios are also home to The Great Hall, Hagrid’s Nest, and Dumbledore’s office, some of the locations featured in the film.
  2. Buckingham Palace; Buckingham palace is where the queen resides and one of the top tourist attractions in the UK. The area is always filled with many locals and visitors in May, as we head to the summer. This 775 roomed Palace has a history that stretches back to many years.
  3. The Coca Cola London Eye; this major feature blends with the city’s skyline; it’s a popular attraction site. With 32 capsules that can each accommodate 25 people, you’re given an opportunity to get a breathtaking view of the City. You can see some of the famous landmarks from angles that are simply amazing.

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