A Thursday Evening with One of Dolls and Roses’ Beautiful & Seductive Escort

A Thursday Evening with One of Dolls and Roses’  Escort

The events of that fateful Thursday evening lingered with me for a long time. You don't imagine you could have enjoyed the most exhilarating and intimately charged night of your life. It was undoubtedly a high bar, but I saw it as just the beginning, fueled by my eager excitement. What was undeniable was that the adrenaline released by such a sensual encounter was both alluring and addictive. It was no longer a question of whether this excitement would taint my pure and normalized emotional sensibility. I'd never felt the seductive pull of pleasure inhibition before, and it seemed far too alluring to give up now. So I called the agency Dolls and Roses and asked about my previous escort again.

I asked her to meet me in one of my condos somewhere in London. A luxurious one, as this was a lady with certain tastes, and after the charades of our night in Kensington, this was an invitation that needed no second consideration. I was certain that this was going to be another chapter of my life.

I prepared for our 7PM meeting. Nothing was going to go wrong, and I didn't want anything to go wrong. It was late summer, and the weather was still pleasant, but by the time we were scheduled to meet, it would be dark. So I waited, and she arrived precisely on schedule. I was met with a passionate kiss that heightened my already raised libido. She wore a flirtatious outfit. A low hemline, a form-fitting dress, stockings, and high heels. Her make-up was flawless, and she smelled like a fresh rose. I was enthralled all over again. We were apparently supposed to drive to the nearest town with a restaurant since she was hungry. When I said the word "hungry," she looked me in the eyes and arched her eyebrows suggestively. My trousers bulged affirmatively to show that I understood the connotation.

We traveled around 2 miles and decided on meals for the time being. I had the impression that while we were both 'hungry,' our appetites were diverted. The wine came in handy, as did her suggestion that I massage her inner thigh beneath the table. All the way to the stocking tops and beyond. My inquisitive and relentless poking was met with soft, flexible flesh. We spoke like we really are good friends, but I was too preoccupied with the curve of her busts beneath the tight silk of her shirt to be particularly curious. There was electricity in the air, and it permeated our social interactions. As the tension grew, words became redundant.

After approximately an hour, we left. 'I hope you'll like the dessert,' she said. While driving back to my condo, I felt her touch on my thigh after a few miles. It didn't stay long because it felt impelled to move higher and take up the zip challenge. Her fingers were deft, and she had my fully erect shaft in her grasp in no time. I was entirely exposed, and her long-painted nails encircled and urged my erection to grow to its greatest capacity.

I tried my best to focus on the road ahead, but her soft lips on my player's head was slightly distracting. She teased the glands with her blabber and took as much of my length as she could into the deep recesses of her welcoming lips. I could feel her drool dribbling down my manhood and her dedication to the job. The rhythm was relentless, and her mouth worked well together.

Fortunately, the journey was short, but I could feel myself losing control. The body frequently postpones things until the right time comes, and so it was this time. We both rushed to my room and as soon as we came in, she whispered hoarsely right in my ear the words 'Put your hand up my skirt, right where I want it’. The dampness of her underpants provided abundant evidence that she was excited if I ever needed it. I pushed the thin material down her slender legs for easier access and had no trouble discovering her most erogenous zone. She was kissing me insistently, and her desire for something more permanent quickly took control.

I pounded this beautiful lady for what felt like an eternity, the suspension providing us with a smooth ride. Her screams and gasps came in husky bursts as the situation reached a peak. I eventually reloaded and was ready to fire. It came in a long burst of intense pleasure that appeared to strike both of us at the same time. The view of her barely covered legs and her tight, tiny buttocks as she laid in the bed was spectacular. I placed her onto the edge, pushed her underwear to one side, and proceeded to penetrate her voraciously, her arms grabbing my shoulders, our lips meeting hungrily. I was able to have full access in this and attempted to console her with great zeal. Her euphoric screaming seemed to imply that the therapy had been effective. If everything else failed, I clearly had another option as a therapist.

My submission to this seductive angel from Dolls and Roses was both thrilling and satisfying. She played with me in such a way that I realized how much I admired the beauty, femininity, and inexorable pull of a woman's body, but especially her mind. When a woman has complete control over you and utilizes you for her pleasure, it amplifies the intimacy by a factor of ten.

Many dreams and fantasies were realized as a result of these magnificent experiences, and my lady, from Dolls remained a beacon of unwavering joy, respect, and fulfillment.

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