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The Best Places To Relax in London

The Best Places To Relax in London

Relaxation provides us with moments of intense solitude and tranquility, away from hectic and noisy environment. Enjoying peaceful moments is not only a refreshing experience but also improves your overall health. It is no wonder that health experts agree that from time to time, one should take a break from work or business and find time to relax. If you find yourself in London due to business or leisure purposes, there are lots of places to unwind;

  • Barge Walk, Hampton Court

    seething wells, clusters of adorable white swans and rowers are just some of the spectacular sights of this spot. Located over the famous river Thames, Barge Walk is a busy route especially as you approach the palace. The peaceful experience you will get along this quiet footpath is worth every effort you make in carrying out your journey.
  • Hampstead Heath Extension

    this may be an obvious choice for most explorers as it offers a lovely view for visitors and locals alike. Besides, you will feel spoilt for choice here as you have the option of sightseeing the Pergola and Hill garden, the ponds or the beautiful and exotic Kenwood House. The North West side is actually an extension of a former farmland and it is a truly hidden gem waiting to be discovered. The ancient trees and open ponds are a delight to look at as you enjoy the eerie silence dominating the atmosphere.
  • Queen’s Charlotte Cottage Kewthe Best Places To Relax in London

    this lovely little sanctuary was first built in the 18th century as a retreat spot for the royal family. It is a less popular attraction and it is only open in 2 seasons; spring and summer. However, this is a good thing for those who enjoy complete serene environments and the huge array of flower gardens and bluebells will leave you totally mesmerized. Adult’s entry fee to this romantic place is £13.90.
  • Thames Barrier

    with such a stark and industrial landscape, it is no wonder this is referred to as the most peaceful yet desolate spot in London. Handwritten signs and barbed wire decorate the entire place. This impressive barrier has huge steels that can be conspicuously noticed as rising from the river.
  • Brockwell Lido Café

    this is the perfect place to lunge in your favorite large sunglasses as you slowly sip strong coffee. You can watch the enthusiastic swimmers glide underwater as you bask in the summer heat. All seasons are favorable for visiting this relaxing spot. Open all days throughout the week.
  • Kyoto Garden in Holland Park

    there is an eye-catching sign at the entrance of this park asking visitors to respect its peace and therefore this is a good sign that you will indeed enjoy your relaxation time here. The project design perfectly mimics the Japanese design thus this place offers just the calming effect you need. The strolling peacocks and tumbling waterfall adds to the relaxing effect of this spot.


These are just some of the best places to unwind and enjoy the scenery while in London. Actually, there is so much you can do to get the best experience out of these mentioned spots. You could take a friend along and stroll along the quiet corridors, or enjoy fine drinks and beverages in summer. All you have to do is release the adventurous sprit in you and get to enjoy these cool spots. A variety of impressive libraries and museums are also scattered throughout London so don’t forget to visit these and learn the culture and history of the locals.

Find some time to relax and unwind in these great spots in London for a truly refreshing and fulfilling experience.

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