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The Best Perfume for an Escort

The Best Perfume for an Escort

Being an escort is not an easy task. You have to do everything that will please and attract clients. The scent is known to be part of a sexual attraction and is very natural. Escorts struggle with choosing the right scent for themselves as well as one that can suit the clients. However, there are some that are very poor at choosing the right perfume to use. Most deep, strong and cheap perfumes can easily ruin a date or an appointment. The smell is sweet but very uncomfortably strong. Choose a scent that will leave a client wondering what type of perfume it is you are using as well as its designer.

As an experienced escort, there are several things you should consider before choosing which perfume to wear

  • Allergies and sensitivities The Best Perfume for an Escort

      there are clients that will not have a problem with your scent while others will show some allergic reaction like mild headaches, running nose, sneezing, lack of air and watery eyes. To avoid this scenario, ask your client if they are able to tolerate a certain smell from you or if they are allergic. If the client has not stated anything, be sure to wear less perfume that can only be noticed when one is near you. Today, there are different fragrances in the market and it can at times be hard to choose. You can always be recommended for ascent by a client, a friend or a co-worker.
  • Limiting the number of spritzes applied

    if you are good with scents, you will know that a good scent should only be felt from a distance or when having close contact. However, when your scent is noticed from a distance, then it is too strong. Many high-class escorts go wrong with over spraying which in turn takes off the good scent. To be on the safe side, spray less and when you feel it has worn off, you can reapply.
  • Spraying on your clothinggive a gift to your favourite escort

    it is advisable to spray on your clothing than on your body skin. When meeting up with a client you are not sure about if they are allergic and sensitive to perfumes, you can just spray it on your coat or your blouse. If you happen to spray on your body and it so happens your client is allergic to your scent, it will mean you have to shower first.


It is not a must to have one type of scent. It is important not to overspray and to also take note if your client is sensitive to strong scents.

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