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Temptation with An Ebony Part 4

Temptation with An Ebony Part 4

I asked Brenda if she would like some wine after letting her unwind for a little. I picked up the bottle, opened it, and poured the liquid into the glasses as she nodded. As I was doing this, Brenda began to gently stroke my body, running her left hand over my chest, down my tummy, and then caressing my bare hips. I gave her a glass of wine and reclined back, allowing her to explore my intimate places while I continued to sip the "Do you like getting a massage?" Brenda said as she took a sip of wine.

"Absolutely, I answered.

"I adore your smoothness, and I am a very good masseuse," she added, smiling at me.

I smiled at her and pulled free of her arms as I got out of the tub. She climbed out and fetched a towel and body oil. She patted one of the towels to make a cushion so she could kneel on it. She got to her feet and carefully kneel down on the towel and went on top of me. She started rubbing the oil all over my body, particularly in my groin area. She then started massaging my back slowly and delicately all the way down to my butt. Brenda was giving me massages while smiling briefly and gazing at me with half-lidded eyes. As she drew nearer to my groin, I occasionally let out a cute little gasp or moan. My private area finally reached its peak delight. My private area had plumped up and was now softly pink within. She tickled my nub while spreading oil all over my delicate skin and slipping her fingers into my folds. Brenda continued to massage me while she leaned in close and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. She gasped into my mouth while her hand was covered in ecstasy. I drew back and relaxed into the warm water as I slipped my body in. I drank my wine and set the empty glass on the bath's edge before she took it up.

As I was cleaning up, she inquired, "How does it feel?"

I continued to massage myself under the water, taking pleasure in the sensation from the expression on my face, saying, "Oh God, Brenda. This feels so insane. It seems like it's a hundred times more sensitive down there." After finishing my cleanup, I sat on the tub's edge with the water swirling around my lower legs. I was reminded of the first time my ex gave me a massage as I watched her unwind in the tub. I was so excited by the sensations it provided me that time that I went out the next day and bought several bottles of oils. However, Brenda's touch on my leg and throughout my body this time shocked me out of my daydream. She asked as I was wondering, "Is everything okay? You had the most longing look on your face."

I couldn't help but yawn, which caused Brenda to yawn as well. "It's really late and we've had a rather busy day," I said, looking down at her. "Just recalling my first time massage, that's all."

She asked with a concerned look on her gorgeous face, "Would you prefer me to leave?"

I don't want to pressurize or force you into something you're not completely comfortable with, so that's up to you.

"Well, if it's fine with you, my roommate back in the dorm won't mind having the room to herself tonight," she said.

I rose up with a big smile on my face and said, "It would be totally alright with me, my love." Her black skin was shimmering in the water, giving off an almost heavenly luster. I emerged from the tub, snatched up a clean towel, and started to pat her body dry. I began at her chest and moved slowly down her front. I focused especially on the sensitive area of her body and softly tickled her with the terry cloth. Her breath began to accelerate, but I wasn't trying to get her off at this point, so I turned her around and began to dry off her back, working my way down to her butt and then her toned legs. When I was finished with her, I was mostly dry, so I simply brushed the towel against my legs to swiftly dry them before leading her to my bedroom.

Fortunately, our underwear sizes matched, so I gave her a set of my silk undies to sleep in before donning a set for myself. My bed was a queen, so it was more than large enough for the two of us. She hopped into bed and slid under the covers while I pulled a spare pillow from the closet and handed it to her. I slid under the covers after turning out the bedroom lamp. Brenda immediately cuddled up next to me, encircling my neck with her arm. She slept next to me while I laid there, holding her close to my body and gazing up at the ceiling. Being near to her was enjoyable. I hadn't shared a bed with someone for such a long time. Not only sexual intimacy, though that was fantastic too; it had been a while since I had experienced it in my life.

I tried to relax, but questions kept coming back to me. Do you think I wanted this? Was she the person I was seeking? I acknowledged to myself that my initial reaction to seeing her was pure lust. But now, as I held her sleeping form close to my exposed skin, another sensation started to take hold. I had to be honest with myself and accept that I liked her. I had one more question in my head before falling asleep.

Does she share my sentiments?

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