The temptation with an Ebony Part 3

The temptation with an Ebony Part 3

I rose up less than elegantly, my legs still trembling from the enormous climax, to get dressed. Brenda remained kneeling on the floor, her gaze darting up and down my body. Then she noticed my underwear and bra on the floor. She took up my undergarments and slipped it into her purse with a mischievous grin. I exclaimed in faux terror, then retrieved hers, and after smelling her scent and placing her undies to my nose, I placed her delicates in my bag.

Brenda laughed, picked up my blouse from the crumpled heap on the floor, rose up, and began to clothe me. Slowly, sensuously, she put my right arm through the sleeves, followed by my left. Then she started buttoning each one, leaving the top three undone. Anyone who chose to look could see my top chest, and my nips were tenting the cloth. Brenda massaged her hands all over my chest, stiffening the tips even more. I shuddered and leaned into her hands. My shirt's silken texture felt great against my tits. She laughed again at my reaction before lightly kissing me on the lips. When she pulled back and stopped touching me, I gave her my best pout, but she smiled again as she sat on the floor and reached for my skirt. Brenda tucked in my blouse before zipping up the back, stroking my stocking-encased legs as she drew the skirt up. She held me from behind, patting my butt through my clothes. Brenda leaned in and kissed my neck, adding a few swipes with her lips for good measure, pressing her bare body against mine.

I gasped at the exquisite sensation before turning to face her. I knelt down and took up her blouse and skirt. I began to dress her in the same way she had dressed me, by draping the skirt across the arm of my chair. Her blouse was a little sheerer than mine, and I could see the black of her areolas and nippies against the cloth. I also buttoned the blouse just enough to be modest, but left the majority of the top buttons undone. Her chest protruded proudly, making a lovely cleft in which I wished to bury my face. Brenda and I slipped on our shoes and left the room after fetching the skirt and assisting her into it.

The hotel elevator trip down was silent as we stood there holding hands. I stared at our reflections in the mirrors. We looked great together. I was about to begin massaging Brenda's chest when the elevator dinged and the doors opened. We took our way to the parking lot and took our separate ways. When I got into my car, I was thinking a lot on the drive there. What had I gotten myself into? Was this really what I wanted? Was this something she wanted or was it simply for fun? My thoughts returned to my ex, who was standing there saying me how dreadful she thought we should split up. I exhaled and shook my head in an attempt to purge my mind of all the unpleasant ideas. I was resolved not to let the uncertainty ruin my good mood. Brenda had made me happy. Something I hadn't felt in a long time. I resolved that I would be fine wherever it took me. The last thing I wanted to do was scare this lovely lady away.

The next day, I decided to call the agency and book Brenda again next week, but this time, I'll be having her for an overnight appointment, at my place. Brenda entered my apartment after the day came in and opened the door. As she took in her surroundings, her eyes widened. I shut the door, only to be drawn into a passionate kiss. Our lips fought for a minute as we gripped one other fiercely. "Damn Brenda, you are one hell of a kisser," I exclaimed as we parted ways. I chuckled and told her she was no slouch in that regard either. "Do you mind if I undress, Miss Watsons?" I smiled as she continued to use my surname. Something about that piqued my interest.

"No, Brenda. I don't mind at all." She drew back a little and started unbuttoning her top. She unbuttoned her skirt after pulling it off, allowing gravity to remove it from her body. I took her hand in mine and guided her to my couch. I crouched down at her feet, undid her pumps, and slowly pulled her silk stockings, getting a nice feel of her powerful legs. I took her right foot in my hands and proceeded to massage it once I'd done removing everything. I stroked her foot slowly and softly, focusing on her insole and toes and gently sliding my hands up her leg muscle. I observed her face as she relaxed, closing her eyes and stroking her fingertips across her chest and nippies. I raised her foot up to my lips and inhaled her aroma before beginning to kiss her toes. I decided to give her foot a tongue wash, kissing and nibbling each toe in turn. Brenda laughed as I tickled her foot, and she gently rubbed her cherry while I kneaded her legs.

"Show me, Brenda," I demanded, my voice heavy with longing. "Show Miss Watsons how you enjoy yourself," I said as I lowered her leg and took up the other, kissing, land caressing her while she's working on herself in front of me. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her chest heaved as she drew closer to the climax. As her climax approached, I proceeded to smear her foot. She then moaned loudly, and I had to come to a halt and simply watch this gorgeous ebony enjoy herself. My hands were gently caressing her leg as she pushed her fingers into her inner hole. My mouth watered at the sight of her secretions shimmering in the light.

"Oh Sash..." was all she could say, without even finishing the sentence. But I knew what she meant and let out a low, throaty giggle as I hugged her.

"Are you okay, dear?" I asked. She could only nod her head, unable to speak.

"Mmmmm...Miss Watsons, I mean.. Sash, that was fantastic," Brenda exclaimed, finally catching her breath. "I never came like that for any man," I exclaimed as I got to my feet.

"Well, ladies just know what feels wonderful, my dear," I explained as I reached out to grasp her hands in mine. "But now, I think we need to wash off," I said, leading her to the bathroom and instructing her to start the bath for us. I whacked Brenda on the buttocks as she passed me. Not too hard, but enough to have her gasp and turn her head to me while rubbing the spot. She then gave a cheeky smirk and dashed to the tub. Brenda let out an audible gasp as I went to the kitchen to get two glasses and a bottle of red wine.

"Oh my God, Sash! This tub is massive!" One of the few luxuries I'd given myself was the addition of a whirlpool tub large enough for three or four women to use at once, despite the fact that I was the only one who had ever used it. When I entered the bathroom, I heard the water running and saw Brenda lowering herself into the steaming water, sighing. When I switched off the water and activated the jets, she had closed her eyes, relaxing as the hot water surged higher. Brenda's eyes widened in surprise, and I laughed at her look. As I climbed in, she laughed as well. She was just staring at my body as I dropped myself next to her and placed the bottle and glasses on the tub's side. I drew her close, and she rested her head on my shoulder, her arms wrapped about me. We didn't say anything for a long, both of us enjoying the sensation of hot water whirling about us and our bare body pressing against one other.

-----------------------------------------to be continued---------------------------------------

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