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Temptation with An Ebony Part 2

Temptation with An Ebony Part 2

"Brenda, you've been driving me crazy ever since I saw the picture of you on your profile." I said as I stepped forwards again. Our chests were barely touching, our nips rubbing together. I laid her down gently onto the floor, using mine and hers discarded clothes to cushion her head. Laying on top of her, our tits mashed together as I leaned down and kissed her deep. Then I started kissing down her neck after I lightly bit her earlobe. My body kept in contact with hers as I made my way to her busts. Pausing just to admire the mouth-watering orbs in front of me, I glanced up to see her expression. Brenda’s eyes were closed, a smile on her face as I began to suck on her nips like a woman starved. I brought each nip to aching hardness before making my way lower. I gripped the waistband of her panties and slowly, sensuously pulled them off her body. I could see little droplets of dew clinging to her private part as I leaned in. God, she tasted so good. Spreading her lips gently, I started feasting on the pinkness within. I dipped my tongue into her hole, pushing as far as I could go before exploring her cunt in earnest. I purposefully avoided her clit, trying to build her up as much as possible before giving her release.

When I heard Brenda cry out and felt her hands on my head, trying to pull me closer, I gave her the release that she craved. I pursed my lips around her clit, sucking the little nubbin into my mouth as I whipped my tongue back and forth, causing her to cry out and flood my face with her juices. I pulled my face back and licked my lips, trying to capture all of the flavor as I inserted two of my fingers and started tickling her inner wall. She was moaning loudly and I felt her cherry clench down as another burst ripped through her body followed closely by a third. Brenda was breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling so much, her tits were jiggling with every movement.

At last, I stopped touching her cherry and maneuvered my body so I was laying on my side, our bodies touching. Brenda still had her eyes closed as I ran my hand all over her naked skin. Leaning down, I kissed her on the lips, letting her taste herself on me. She opened her eyes when I pulled back and started caressing my face. "God Jesus, that was incredible. No one has ever made me burst like that Sash." We looked into each other's eyes. I could see a tear fall down her face as she smiled, silently letting me know that everything was okay.

"I'm so glad that you liked it Brenda because now it's time for your test, young lady." She giggled at that as I rolled over onto my back. "I want to see if you learned anything from what I just taught you."

"Yes, Sash." Brenda said as she got to her knees. I maneuvered myself so that my head was on the pillow of clothes. For a time, she just looked at me as if to decide where to start but then she leaned over and started on my tits. She pressed the outsides of my busts so and ran her hot tongue up the valley she had created. I had always loved having my busts ministered to and soon, I was breathing heavy, a pressure forming in my loins. She raised up, trailing her hands down to my panties. I raised my butt to help her as she pulled them back. Mine was so wet at this point, the fabric stuck to my skin. Brenda’s eyes got big as she gazed at my bald lips. She licked her lips and ran her hand over my mons, causing my breath to catch. Kneeling between my legs, Brenda hesitated for a moment. I opened my eyes to see her looking at my face. Our gazes met as she stuck her tongue out and gave my cherry a nice, slow lick. I moaned as my fingers flew to my nips, pinching and twisting them. She continued to lick me, picking up speed as my hips bucked up and down. My orgasm was building to a crescendo as my ass again raised into the air, my leg muscles locked in rigor mortis and my pussy clenching down. My juices shot out of my pussy, drenching Brenda with my cum. It seemed to go on forever. One wave crashed down followed by another as she licked my pussy and inner thighs, trying to get as much of my cream down her throat as she could.

Finally, I reached out and pushed her head back as my body crashed to the floor. "No more please." I breathed out, imploring the young woman to stop. I was having a hard time focusing as my head was spinning, probably from lack of oxygen as I lay there, panting on the floor. I felt Brenda lay down next to me, her head resting on my chest, holding onto me tightly. I wrapped my arms around her, rubbing her back and trailing my fingers lightly down her spine.

"So Sash. Did I pass my first test?"

"Oh God girl. You passed with flying colors."

"So, what is lesson two?" I heard eagerness in her voice and smiled to myself.

"Lesson two, young lady, can't be learned here. I would only be able to teach it to you back at my place." Brenda giggled at this and she raised her head, looking into my eyes.

"Well then, Sash. We'd best get dressed and go. I have a feeling that I'm going to learn a lot this weekend."

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