Temptation with An Ebony Part 1

Temptation with An Ebony Part 1

It was a tiring Thursday afternoon and paperwork was killing me, my inbox was growing as I had to stay later and later at the office. Then again, I reflected, I didn't have much to go home to. My previous girlfriend and I had broken up after I discovered she wanted to sleep around with some other women. As she described it, she was "enjoying the bounty of gorgeous women." We split up because I was searching for a monogamous relationship. The separation was amicable, and we maintained in touch in some ways. But, as I sat behind my desk, staring at the computer screen, I realized she achieved her desire and I didn't. It had upset me that she desired to see other ladies. Was I not good enough? I sighed in disgust at this thought. Looking back at all the work that had piled up, I decided to seek advice from my friend who's been seeing escorts to this exclusive agency in London. There was always a pool of beautiful ladies eager to meet sophisticated clients, according to her. Why the hell not? Dang, I deserved my own little gofer.

I came at work after my morning ritual, expecting more of the same old high-stress work that has previously plagued me. I was startled when, around 3 o'clock, I received a phone from Dolls and Roses confirming that my escort, whom they had recommended, was available and asking when and where the appointment would be. I immediately opened my Whatsapp and feasted my eyes on what I believed was one of the most beautiful young women I had seen in a long time. As I immediately checked for her profile information, her skin the color of the deepest black chocolate, full, inviting lips, and lovely dark, nearly black, eyes started back at me from the screen. I couldn't take my eyes away from Brenda. I was startled awake by the knock on the door. My friend smiled at me, "Can't wait for her, huh?" I closed my phone, ashamed at myself and not wanting my friend to see I was staring at Brenda’s photos.

I was getting riled up and couldn't stop myself from reaching beneath my skirt and secretly touching the bottom of my pants. I was completely saturated. Thank goodness I was wearing a black skirt today, I thought. I left, shaking my head, to go home.

The appointment was scheduled for a Saturday evening, and we agreed to meet at Medlar's at eight o'clock. I decided to thank her for her meeting me by taking her out to dinner first. My offer was gratefully accepted, and we both agreed that Saturday would be ideal. Saturday arrived, and I spent the entire day trying to make myself look lovely. Manicure, hair stylist, and makeup are all perfect. I even bought a new dress and shoes. I reasoned that I had only one shot to create a good first impression.

I noticed her sitting at the table I had reserved when I arrived a bit late. She hadn't noticed me go in, and I simply stood there at the door staring at her. "My God," I said to myself. Brenda had definitely had the same thinking that I had. She looked stunning. Her clothing highlighted big busts brilliantly. I had to resist the impulse to dash over there and bury my face in her tits. But I kept my cool and strolled over with confidence. When I approached, her face brightened up and she smiled. Her eyes widened as she viewed me from every angle.

"Wow, Miss Watsons! You look incredible."

"Thank you, Brenda, and I appreciate it," I replied, returning her smile. "And please call me Sash", I said as I sat down, laughing. We both looked through the options on the menu I was given. But I kept looking up. I was having trouble taking my eyes away from her.

"Thank you, Sash," she said with a sparkling smile of her own. I conducted a conversation with her and then told her what I expected her to perform. The information the agency gave me and what was reflected in her profile was correct about her. Brenda paid close attention to what I was saying, asking clarifying questions and ensuring she understood exactly what I intended. I couldn't help myself as she sat opposite from me. Her off-white blouse looked great against her dark skin. The top two buttons were undone, revealing only a sliver of cleavage. Tucked inside her skirt, the blouse was squeezed tight, and every time she turned to her left, only a smidgeon of her lace on her bra showed through. At the pace things were going, I'd have to rush to the restroom simply to get some relief. But, hopefully, I made it through without humiliating myself too much, and she and I began the workday.

"Say what? You have nothing to be embarrassed of; I'd figured it out for a long already anyhow," she said as she stared into my eyes. I became defensive and asked her what she found so amusing. "Oh Sash, come on," she remarked, and I couldn't help but laugh. I couldn't ignore the fact that her hand lingered on mine for a few moments after that before pulling back. Her gentle touch was enticing, and I nearly reached out to take her hand again. But I held back.

I walked her to her car after I paid the bill. I met Brenda's glance as she turned to face me. I could see she had something important to say to me, but then she said, "Sash, I...I'd like to thank you for tonight. I had a fantastic time and it was extremely relaxing. "So...see you soon?" I smiled and told her I expect to meet her again on Tuesday at 10pm, on my place. She clearly wanted to say something additional, but I didn't pursue her. I hoped and prayed that my instinct was correct and that I didn't overthink it. I hoped and prayed that my instinct was correct and that I didn't overthink it. But when I got to my car, I noticed her silhouette still seated behind the wheel. She appeared to be breathing heavily, and I was going to step over to check on her when she flung her head back and screamed. I could hear her euphoric scream even with the windows closed. Smiling to myself, I headed home to take a relaxing bath before squealing in my warm bed.

Tuesday arrived, and everything between us appeared normal, but I could tell Brenda's actions were more sexual in nature. Her skirt was little shorter. Nothing against the dress code, but when she stooped down to take off her heels, I got a glimpse of the top of her stockings and a sliver of her lacy white underwear. I nearly broke my neck trying not to be so obvious when she looked up at me with her brilliant smile. Her aroma was driving me insane, and I literally had to rush to the restroom to ease the pressure in my belly. I was being driven insane by my yearning for her.

As I continued to look at her, I could feel her stare wander over the bare span of my chest. When our glances locked, I turned to see if she was paying attention. I leaned in after a long interval of stillness as I stared into her eyes. Our lips brushed briefly, barely touching, before I drew back. I was ready to apologize for what had happened when Brenda grabbed the back of my head and kissed me passionately on the lips. For a split second, I was taken aback and began kissing her back as my hands wrapped around her waist, feeling the tightness of her butt. Her lips filled my mouth, and we entered the most sensual kiss I have never experienced. I felt her hands begin to work on my blouse, her anxious fingers quivering as she unfastened each button, exposing my lace-covered bosom. Taking the suggestion, my fingers worked on lowering her skirt's zipper. As my hands caressed her silken-covered butt, it pooled by her feet. Brenda let out a low groan as she stroked my tits before releasing the front clasp. My chest was now completely exposed to her deft fingers. I moaned as well after rubbing my tits and lightly squeezing and tweaking my nips.

Brenda rose up, breaking the kiss and smiled her most beautiful smile and I said, "God, Bren. I've desired to do that for so long. Ever since I saw your pictures, all I could think about was you." She grabbed my hands and pulled me into an embrace. Our lips touched again as I pressed her against my body. We both drew back, and in a reverse of our previous actions, I unfastened her blouse and bra while she undid my skirt. I took a small step back so that we could both stare at each other, taking in each other's beauty.

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