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Stripper or Escort

Stripper or escort

There are times when you are looking to have a fantastic night out; a night of your lifetime where you get to let loose, let your inhibitions run wild, a time you can let the let yourself enjoy the moment and be free. You have a couple of hours to yourself; your friends are also out to have a memorable night and the decision boils down to only 2 choices, stripper or escort?

Escort, anyone?

When it comes to escorts, there are different varieties. For sapiosexuals, the idea of a great conversation with an attractive woman is sexually exciting enough, whether or not it culminates in physical intimacy. For others, they prefer an escort to visit their hotel room and get down to it. Whatever your approach, where you would like a date first then spend some time together privately, the advantage is that the end goal for both of you is quite clear.

It is a direct agreement where you know what you want and the lady who arrives at your door is ready to give you exactly what you want. And who doesn’t like getting what they want?

The perks of a stripper

If you are looking for moments where the excitement is drawn for a long time, getting you so excited until you feel you can’t take it anymore then a stripper is the best choice.

Going to a strip club or having a private show with strippers allows your fantasy to run wild. Stripers are great at making moments last a lifetime, they tease, entice, seduce, they toy with you until you are more than ready to take it to the next level.

With their layered outfits, each more revealing than the last, they are the true queens of seduction and if you are looking for visual stimulation, then stripers are your best option. As the moment progresses, as they end up scantily dressed, being a bit bolder and get up close and person, you are free to enjoy one on one perks of a stripper such as a lap dance where she uses her body against yours to bring you to mental and physical pleasure without the actual act of release.

It is this toying, playing, show off section that teases, taunts, and tortures that make strippers so appealing, like getting to touch and see a cookie jar without having to actually open the jar and eat the cookie.


So whatever your pleasure, whatever you are into, visit our gallery and choose from girls in London, that will have your fantasies fulfilled.

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