A Romantic Helicopter Ride over London with a Dolls and Roses Escort

A Romantic Helicopter Ride over London

London is a great place to spend romantic times with a beau. The city is orderly, and with many sightseeing that will really captivate any couple looking for some spectacular fun. Dolls and Roses is one of the well-known escort agencies that provides high class in this City. At Dolls and Roses, clients can book an appointment with one or two of our beautiful models. The client can later on specify the kind of date they want to engage in with their escort. One of the most frequent requests is a having a romantic helicopter ride over London with a Dolls and Roses escort.

Below are different activities a Dolls and Roses escort will engage you in while onboard a helicopter;

  • Romantic meal; if you are a romantic person and you want to sit down and know a little bit more about your date, you can engage in a romantic meal while onboard. Get to enjoy your favorite meal on a helicopter ride with a beau by your side. This is a recommended way of knowing your partner.
  • Massage privileges; enjoy a comforting and relaxing massage from your hired escort. Most of the escort models at Dolls and Roses are professional masseuses. Nothing is as soothing as feeling her soft, feminine hands all over you, as the helicopter hovers above the picturesque city below.
  • Private tour; why bore yourself with the common tour that is available to everyone? When you have hired our drop dead beautiful ladies, you will have paid for a memorable tour around the city. Our girls are equipped with knowledge about the city and the historical sites. They will provide an endless sensual tour that will be exciting and above all interesting and fun.
  • Sensual activities; Dolls and Roses escorts are well behaved, smart, intelligent and sophisticated. You will never regret hiring our busty ladies for a romantic helicopter ride. They have good experience in the escort business and therefore know a few tips of how they will satisfy you. Do not worry about how weird or explosive your sensual desires are; the moment you are airborne on your chopper, she’ll be your flight attendant in all aspects and manners.


Helicopter rides above London are affordable, and very memorable. Don’t go it alone; get a pretty damsel from Dolls and Roses to crown the trip.

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