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Brazilian Escorts for International dates

Escorts to join you at the carnival

The carnival parades in Rio started as street festivities however over the years they have gained such popularity that they have blossomed into one of the most spectacular events that the world watches over with interest. Sensational women in super sexy and extravagant costumes parade up the streets with a true party atmosphere that takes over the entire area. Tourists flock to the city at this time of year just to be a part of it and our own Notting hill carnival is shamed as the poor man’s version by comparison.

At Dolls and Roses, we have many high-class escorts who are available in Rio during the time of the carnival and given that there is so much of a party feel, our International escorts are always very much in demand. We have South American escorts who live locally and can visit clients in their hotels or apartments in the city or indeed for those executives who like to spend time with ladies they have already been introduced to, we can fly out our VIP travel escorts to be with them at this time.

Why International escorts in London are the best?

All our International escorts have their passports at the ready and are available as travel companions at any time. We don’t just have International escorts in Rio either, we have VIP escorts in all cities of the world and where we don’t we20can fly someone of your choice out to you at a moment’s notice. 

Dolls and Roses are one of the most exclusive escort agencies in London and our clients appreciate the care and attention we pay to all their needs. If you are planning a trip to another country soon, speak to one of our advisors so that we can advise how best to arrange your private pleasures whilst you are away.

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