Reasons you should only go for high class escorts in London

Reasons you should go high class escort

London is home to 8.6 million people. All of us have our desires and needs, so servicing escort and buying the services are both in demand. There are major problems in London though and using low class escorts can have it's dangers.

Any girl can go online and post hers services, in the UK, prostitution is not regulated like it is in Germany and so there are multiple risks:

  • STD's
  • Robbery
  • Prosecution

Prostitution is not illegal in the UK, but advertising the services and other related activities is. If a person if forced to engage in paid sexual activity, the client can be prosecuted, regardless of if he knew of it or not.

From a clients point of view, there are absolutely no risks legally with high class escorts - these are willing, confident girls that think like businessmen. You will like them!

Low class escorts poses all of the risks - they might be forced, might rob you and because they charge so little, they go for volume and so are very likely to have diseases for you to catch.

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Wendy from Breaking Bad.[/caption]

Low class call girls are there to make you cum, take your money and move on. They might have some life issues, likely to be alcoholics and drug addicts. To put it simply - there will not be any company and it's all about you paying and leaving.

High class escorts in London however, function to entertain you, to provide you with a good time and because they charge so much, their utilization rate is lower - it's not about volume. You can be sure the girl will have the energy and enthusiasm all reserved just for you.

High class escorts are ladies

Another way to look at it is that low class call girls in a place like London are forced to the profession by life choices and circumstances - even if nobody physically forces them. What it means is that these are the lower class girls of the society in general. The time you will spend with them won't be anything pleasant.

High class escorts however are different, these are gorgeously good looking, confident girls that think rationally and out-of-the-box. In fact, the personalities of high class escorts and their clients in a city like London, are likely to have major similarities.

There have been plenty of stories of men saying that they love high class escorts purely because of how forward and rational they are. There is no bullshit, no games but simply a demand and a service for it.

The high class girls know how to deliver, what you want and how to entertain you. They are not forced by life events or the lower classes of the society, they're simply businesswomen that happen to be amazingly hot.


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