Privacy it’s important for our escort agency

Privacy it’s important for our escort agency

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best escort agency for you. We at Dolls and Roses have had years and years of experience when it comes to understanding what it takes to run a great escort agency. We have tried and tested practices knowing our clients are at the forefront of our agency and we uphold these values and pass these same values on to our girls. We value our clients deeply and we work hard to ensure our clients are satisfied; we provide a space where you, our client, can feel safe and secure every time you visit our website or give us a call.

Unlike other agencies, we know how important exclusivity and confidentiality is. We understand your need for discretion and it is with this same understanding that we fashion our ethics and principles for your benefit.

Here are some of the reasons why you should visit Doll and Roses for the highest levels of privacy and discretion
Privacy it’s important for our escort agency

  1. Privacy is at the core of our escort agency

    This means that from the moment you visit our website, to the minute you call or make an online booking, all your information is secure. We do not collect any information and we allow for anonymity when it comes to use of our services. We understand the gentlemen who seek our services reach out to us because of this exact reason and we have upheld these values for years. So you can be sure that whenever you make any booking; whether online or on phone, we keep matters 100% discrete and you can enjoy our services without any fear or ramifications.
  2. Our girls are carefully and individually chosen

    We vet our girls and find out more about them to make sure they are ideal for our clientele. Other than the girls being attractive and having physically appealing traits, we know how important personality is. Someone who can make you feel comfortable, someone warm and personable, someone who makes you feel secure. It is vital that our girls have great personalities and uphold the values and standards set by Dolls and Roses. So even though our girls are drop dead gorgeous with amazing physiques and great personalities, you can be sure that they uphold your privacy with extreme seriousness. One thing you can be sure of is what happens between you and our girls, stays private and confidential.


For all your intimate needs, visits Dolls and Roses today and make your booking for the best services and the highest level of discretion.

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