Best places to Visit in London during 2016 Summer

Best places to Visit in London during 2016 Summer

Summer is finally here and everyone loves the lovely weather, warming up the barbecue grills and how the summer makes everything seem so much better. Everyone is in a great mood, days seem shorter and with summer right at our door, there are so many activities one can do. To add more excitement to the summer, how about spending some time with a lovely escort from Dolls and Roses for a truly uninhibited holiday with days spent by the beach, in a pool and enjoying loads of fun and adventure together?

Best places to Visit in London during 2016 Summer
There are quite a number of activities you can take part in and here are a few ideas we came up with for the best places to visit in London during 2016 summer.

  1. Enjoy the great outdoors – There are quite a number of outdoor activities taking place during summer so what better way than to enjoy these activities with a young, sexy escort from Dolls and Roses? Be sure to visit some of the finest beer gardens, roof top bars and restaurants and even watch an open air film. Whatever activity you would like to do, you are sure to find a wide range of fun outdoor activities you might enjoy.
  2. Festivals and open air theatre – With the summer, everything seems to move outdoors and normal activities quickly take root outdoors. You have the choice of outdoor theatre and outdoor sports screens which are setup for you to enjoy your favourite masterpiece or enjoy your favourite sport in the open. There also a wide array of festivals which take place over summer so choosing the ones which catch your eye would be good with great company by your side.
  3. Water sports – This is the perfect weather to enjoy swimming and if you are feeling adventurous, you can get an apartment or villa with a private pool and enjoy romantic moments spent in the pool. Enjoy kite surfing, scuba diving in warm waters and a whole range of other water sports that make summer a time to remember.
  4. For those who love adrenaline and want an activity which is daring, bold yet safe, you have the choice of sky diving or hang gliding. If you enjoy racing, there are tracks which offer motor racing for amazing adrenaline filled moments.


There are so many places to visit and activities to do over summer, with great company from Dolls and Roses, you will be sure to have a fun, exciting and adventurous summer.

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