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One night stand

One night stand

Men are visual creatures; they thrive on adventure and the fun that comes from sampling different women. And the interesting thing is that nowadays

gils love and want one night stand

, blame it on technology, social media, or whatever; a truth of the matter is that more and more men are increasingly opting out of relationships. Relationships are inconveniencing, demanding, and in some instances, even a waste of time. At least according to most men. The modern man can grab a ready meal on his way home, get a cleaning company to do his laundry, and on a good weekend, get a pretty woman for a good romp. In fact, a one night stand is the new trend for most men and women as well. Forget about the traditional, old school dating where you’d have to chase a girl for months before she gave in to you. Nay! Today, all that you need is a budget, a venue, and of course an understanding, and adventures girl.

One night stand

More often than not, a one night stand entails a random encounter; a first date that goes too well that by the end you both can’t keep off each other. It could be that you’ve attended a party where food and drinks are flowing free, and as the evening unfolds, you get to meet and fall for a hot lady. Mind you, ladies have a habit of softening and mellowing up greatly after a few glasses of good wine. Or it could be that you’ve gone clubbing with friends, picked a curvy babe on the dance floor, enjoyed friends together, and decided to proceed to your place afterward. Whatever the case, what’s important to understand is that not all one-night encounters are driven by alcohol; at times, they are about a lady falling for you so much that her body aches and desires to have you make love to her. In some cases, it could even come as a surprise to you when you take a lady for a dinner date, but as the evening fades away you realize that she wants you badly.

Word of caution, though; a one-night stand is like a job interview where you’ve got to impress. If you impress the lady with your

and love making skills, chances are that she’ll come looking for you for another encounter. If you fail to impress with your one minute-I’m done kind of game, then woe unto you. She’ll not just avoid you; she’ll hate you for letting her down when she wanted you most.

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