No Ordinary Room Visit

No Ordinary Room Visit

I am a woman who was once young. I'm too scared to give in to my desires. Looking back,

I went somewhere far enough away from home to have complete freedom. I've tried everything to keep myself busy, but I still can't find joy in my heart. I have a strong desire for something inside of me. A pleasure delight. I'd like to feel alive again.I wonder how I resisted seeing an escort, but interestingly, how I'm so free to be face down, ass exposed in the air, ready to take submissive orders today. As a result, I decided to hire someone from one of London's best escort agencies. And it was there that I discovered Tasha. I read her profile and she seemed to be sweet and nice. I picked up the phone and called the agency right away to book Tasha for an hour for a dinner date. There is nothing else. It's simply that I wanted to get to know her before we got into something more serious. Until our date arrived, and I couldn't have asked for anything more. She is really nice and often smiles, and I enjoyed our 1-hour date. Because she was so easy to get along with, I felt like I'd known her for years. I sensed a connection, and I knew she did as well. I knew there were no pretenses between us and that what we both felt was genuine.

Months have passed, yet I haven't stopped thinking about her. I tried not to think about her, but she kept popping into my head and I couldn't get her out of my head. So I called the agency again and scheduled her for a 3-hour appointment.

I arrived at her cozy Baker Street apartment, and as soon as she answered the door, she greeted me with a hug.

"I had a safe box that I put up all these feelings in and hid it away, and you've just unpacked it, and now I'm just... I don't know," I said as she hugged me.

"I'm sorry, I'm not sure, what box?" Tasha asked.

If she only knew I'd been thinking about her for months and hadn't had any romantic or pleasurable moments with her.

She invited me inside, drew me straight to her room, and handed me a glass of wine. Because we already knew each other, she asked me directly how we'd feel together again. In her, wet and needy, I couldn't keep a straight face.

She stripped off my clothes and touched every part of me, caressing me all over. She walked down my legs, which were trembling. I was being childish, and she was delicate, passionate, and only willing to give and take as far as I was willing to go.

She sat on top of me, her private parts directly on top of me. I yearned to feel her inside of me. She stroked up and down against my sweet spot, and I gave up and moved in the most exquisite, earth-shattering missionary ever. I could feel her softness against my skin.

She gripped my ankles and tucked them under my knees to keep me in place. Even though I was naked and wet, she only rubbed up against me. I drew her towards me because she seemed deliberate. I approached her and gripped her tightly as she grinded harder. My body relaxed as she landed on my belly, and I'll always wonder if she liked the experience as much as I did.

The three hours flew by, and I didn't want to leave her yet, so I called the agency and decided to extend my booking overnight. The night and the passion lasted till the next morning. We'd had a few chats about kinky love, and I'd discovered that I fantasize more than I play. I opted to play that morning.

"I am your slave, and your every desire is my command," I said into her ear.

Today was the day that all of my shells shattered.

She was naked, with her ass in the air and her face down...I like it. She kissed my butt and removed her shirt. "Stay right there, still and quiet, and don't finish until I say so," she added quickly.

She knelt behind me and began caressing me from behind. I was dripping hard just thinking about her finding me in that situation. She stepped up, slid two fingers into my nips, and curled them towards my g-spot. I was drenched, and she was panting with delight. "Not until I give you permission," she reminded me as my breathing became heavier and harder.

I began taking deeper breaths to suppress the explosion that was forming around her fingertips. She began kissing the back of my neck and touching the back of my sweet spot. I couldn't stop the pleasure, and an uncontrollable scream escaped my throat. "Ooohh, good girl," she said. I'll give you more than you can handle in a moment. "Now it's my turn to finish in your lips," I murmured.

She removed her clothes and sat on the bed. At the bottom, I kissed her passionately and smiled at the sensation of her tensing in pleasure. I could feel myself becoming drenched as a result of my unresolved climax.

I came to a halt and put my head on her belly. I kissed her down deeper and then grabbed her private part in my mouth, "OHHH." Massaging her private part and torment her with little bites, driving her wild. Then I moved my arms in a rhythmic up-and-down and in-and-out motion.

I could feel her thighs tensing and knew she was getting close. She finally exploded in my mouth after going in and out. I sucked in and drove my blabber hard against her as I slid down. She had one hand on the side of my face, and I could tell she'd had enough. I went on a little longer just for some nasty agony. Then I gulped and approached her.

"Oh, bliss, baby!"

" She then burst out laughing.

I was resting next to her with my leg over hers when he grabbed my hand to her cherry and said, "I owe you." She waved up and down while kneeling between my knees with her private part. I impatiently raised my hips to her.

She grabbed my ankles and put them under her knees to keep me in place. She slid her cherry in so far and so forcefully that I had to catch my breath. She threw her entire weight on me. She rocked into me purposefully, and I tightened my grip as I climaxed. The suppressed scream could be felt throughout my entire body.

She slowed down somewhat before pulling my legs apart spread eagle and pounding into me hard and fast. As a second climax emerged, I pulled my hips onto her so that I could feel that shove against my sweet spot. I had no idea I was a screamer until that moment.

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