My Trip to Mexico has Healed my Broken Heart Part 3

My Trip to Mexico has Healed my Broken Heart Part 3

"Can we sit for a minute; my feet are hurting," she said, sitting where she was and taking her shoes off. She came directly to me when I sat next to her, placing her head on my shoulder and gazing out at the moon over the slow-moving ocean.

She raised her head so she could see me and kissed me. It was more passionate this time. She felt my mouth open and my lips move out to meet hers.

We sat there for what seemed like hours, just sitting, kissing, and being together. She pushed me back down onto the beach, her chest pressing against mine. I ran my hand up her side, hoping to feel her chest beneath my fingers. I moved my hand just enough for her thumb to massage her tits.

I could feel it getting harder as soon as I made contact with it, as she was enjoying my touch. She jumped to her feet and extended her hand to me.

"Come on, it's getting late, let's get back to our room," I said reluctantly, taking her hand as we made our way back to our room.

It took us around ten minutes to return to our hotel. It's sad the walk wasn't longer. We both shouted hello as we entered, and the butler was still on duty. The butler's workstation was adjacent to our room, so he could hear everything, but would have been better if he couldn't.

"Por favor, is there anything I can do for you both before I leave? Can I fetch you some ice for drinks or anything?" the butler said.

"Actually, Caesar, we're going to have a whiskey before we go to bed."

"Si senor, just pass me your ice bucket and I'll grab it for you."

When we entered the room, we saw that it had been cleared and turned down for the night, with a chocolate on each pillow. We passed Caesar, the butler, and he returned with the ice bucket in less than a minute.

"She is beautiful, senor," he said as he delivered the ice bucket to me.

I could only return a smile and say, "Thank you. Goodnight."

Sabrina dashed to the bathroom to change, and when she returned, she was wearing a towel wrapped over her body.

She carefully walked over to me and kissed me passionately once more. She drew me up close, crushing her entire body against me. She pushed me back onto the bed as she slowly turned me around.

She came right after me, lying on top of me and kissing me with everything she had. She made me feel amazing. I couldn't stop kissing her since she had such lovely lips. She reached up between us and began unbuttoning my shirt, followed by my jeans. She hadn't stopped kissing me, but now she was touching my private parts with her hand in my jeans.

"Umm, that feels great," I said quietly into her ear.

"You haven't seen anything yet," she declared emphatically.

She drew away from me, standing away from the bed. I slid up the bed so that my head was on the pillow, taking my shirt off my back. I balanced myself on my elbow to see what she was doing. She was staring me down as she carefully unbuttoned her bath robe cord.

She removed it entirely, leaving it to fall apart, revealing only a small pair of black underwear underneath, her busts clearly visible. I was taken aback by how stunning she appeared standing there. Her busts were not big, but they were a good size, and I wanted to touch them as quickly as possible.

She went for the bottom of my jeans and yanked them down. She returned to the bedside with me. As I reached out and grabbed her tits, she started kissing me again. At first, I was just feeling them, but then I grabbed them and rubbed her chest with her thumb. I moved my hand down her chest, putting my hand underneath her underwear to feel her private part, after a few minutes of this and her quiet groaning into my mouth. She responded almost instantly, with a quiet tiny whimper.

I let my fingers explore her, feeling her soft lips as I ran a finger near her opening, sensing no refusal.

She had stopped kissing me and was now biting on my ear, so she was groaning softly into my ear. I was softly rubbing her hole, letting her juices cover my fingers. I proceeded upward, massaging her sweet spot with my thumb.

"Oh my gosh," she whispered into my ear. "Keep doing that, just there." She was breathing harder and faster, bringing my face in to kiss me again.

Knowing I was doing this to her, I was loving hearing her gasps of ecstasy. Except for my ex, she was the only girl I had slept with in about 6 years.

To her dismay, I stopped touching her sweet spot and pulled my hand out of her undies.

I broke off the kiss only to carefully proceed down her body, kissing her neck to her bosom. I was cupping them with my palms and firmly beating her bust.

I kept moving down until my lips was directly over her genitalia. I caressed her groin again, and she let out a small little groan. I moved my hands to her sides, grabbing and tugging down her underpants.

I leaned back over her wet little flower and put my blabber out, lightly whipping her nub.

"Ooooo," she exclaimed right away.

I took that as a sign to keep going and slowly whipped her from her sweet spot to her hole and back. I could tell she was giddy with delight. I continued for several minutes, her enjoying every minute of it, wanting me to make her come with my blabber.

"Oh my goodness, Chris, don't stop right there. Oh my god, you're going to explode me," she said.

I kept doing what I was accomplishing until she was on the verge of her climax, at which point I extended my middle finger, pushing it into her entrance and inside.

"Oh my god, please don't stop, that feels fantastic."

She was driven over the edge the moment she felt it inside her. She was exhaling heavily, trying not to be heard by the other visitors. She was clutching the bedsheets with one hand and burying the other in my hair, holding my head in place, unable to stop screaming and shaking.

I continued until her climax had receded and her breathing had stabilized. Her private parts were soaked in her own juices. As soon as I was near enough to her, I went to lie back with her, bringing her in tight for a kiss.

She was kissing me passionately again, her fingers going down my chest. She began caressing my shaft again, this time with her hand hidden beneath my boxers. She interrupted the kiss and moved down the bed, pulling down my underwear and enabling my portion to burst free.

She took it in her hand and guided it to her lips right away. She jumped right into my mouth, trying to repay the pleasure I had just given her.

"Mmm, it feels really good," I said.

She pushed my half inside her till she got about all of it. She buried her head as deeply as she could, but she couldn't take it all in without gagging. She looked up at me as she did it, sensing that I was watching her.

Knowing I was observing her gave her more assurance and confidence. She started pumping faster on my shaft, snapping the head when it was almost out of her mouth.

"Wow, that feels good; don't quit just yet," I said. She came to a halt for a split second, whipping my head, before returning to her work with a mischievous little smile.

She lifted my shaft from her mouth, looking up at me as she continued to touch the tip of my head, not wanting me to finish too quickly.

"I want you inside me," she said as she climbed the bed until she was straddling me. She kissed me again, this time grabbing my hands in hers. Her cherry was pressing against my shaft, her lips pressing against it. She began massaging my manhood with her hips as she moved them back and forth.

She sat up straight, carefully guiding my stiff shaft to her hole. She exclaimed as she thrust her body down, engulfing me completely.

"Oooo," she exclaimed, feeling me slip all the way inside her, beginning to rock back and forth, riding me.

"Oh, Chris, you feel amazing; please just give me this; I want you, all of you."

I couldn't respond since I was enjoying both the sensation and the view in front of me. I lunged for her hips, but she grabbed both of my hands and pinned them above my head.

"No, just relax and let me look after you."

I did as she said, leaving my hands where she'd put them and watching her bounce up and down on me. She quickened her stride, smashing her body down harder and quicker, bending forward and pushing on my chest.

I told her that I was almost finished.

"Good, so am I. I want to feel you burst inside me." She had slowed her motions but was pushing down harder to feel as much of me as she could.

It barely took her 30 seconds to feel her second climax strike her. She came in this way, taking my hands in hers and kissing me forcefully while breathing hard into my mouth.

I couldn't hold out any longer, letting go and descending deep within her. I fired my load deeper inside her as her climax overtook her, groaning loudly. I couldn't take it anymore and placed my arms around her, holding her in place with my shaft.

We stayed there for a few minutes before she rolled off and lay next to me, her head resting on my chest.

"Wow, Chris, it was great; I've never had two explosions in a row before."

"It was for me as well. You have an incredible body, you are amazing, and I'm just surprised it happened," I said.

For a few minutes, we lay on top of the sheets, clutching each other in the afterglow of intense pleasure. We kissed lightly on the lips, she placed her head on my chest, and we both fell asleep pleased and smiling. She definitely healed my broken heart xx

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