My First Female Escort Experience (Part 2)

My First Female Escort Experience (Part 2)

Passion transforms into lust, which then erupts in my brain to become aggressive. I reach beneath her skirt's hem, up to her underwear, grab the waistband, and pull them down to her knees and off. Alexia gets her bum off the couch to assist me. Her sweet, youthful, cherry juices fill my nostrils and push my want meter into overdrive. No more hesitating. She is all mine. I grab her groin, and her legs open to make room for my hand. I glance down and see my palm on her cherry velvety lips, my first cherry pie! I am aware of the strength of my position and her subordinate place. This is my cherry, believe it or not.

"Yeah, Amanda, oh yes," she exclaims into my ear.

A sudden feeling of being confined inside my formal attire sweeps over me. I need to be nude in order to be completely and freely naked with this lovely, hot, and eager young lady.

"Let's go into the bedroom," I say as I get up from the sofa.

Alexia squeals, "Yes, excellent idea," and leaps up, practically skipping through the bedroom door as I race following her. What a delight she is. She zips over to my bedside and shimmies out of her skirt, fully naked, waiting for me. I reached my back to unzip my dress, and she said, "Please, allow me to undress you." I smiled, and she moved behind me, and I could feel and hear the zipper dropping to expose my back. She approaches my front, grabs the fabric at the shoulders with both hands, and tugs the top down my arms. Her gaze is drawn insatiably to my bra and cleavage. I'm so vulnerable. She pulls my silky dress lower over my hips, and I step out of it. She carries it carefully to drape over a side chair while I stand in just my panties, bra, and nylons. I slip off my heels and lay on my back on the royal blue satin bedspread. She wants to strip me naked, but I'm not prepared. She crawls on all fours after me, laying sweetly with her head on my shoulder and her body on her side flat against mine. Her crotch against my hip feels so close. My mind is racing with fresh and overwhelming feelings.

"I've never been with a beautiful, powerful woman like you; thank you for choosing me," she says as she kisses my shoulder.

My thoughts are filled with a sense of domination, and I slip my palm to her soft, bare buttocks. She kisses my shoulder once again, and I stumble my hand across her crack to the other cheek. She responds by slightly humping my underwear hip with her crotch. She is such a sexually receptive and open person. It's good of her to wait for my guidance. All of this is new to me. I took her hand in mine and put it on my chest. My bust slip out as she reaches for the clasp in between the cups.

"Your busts are so incredible," she says as she cups one and strokes the other exquisitely, as if no man has ever delighted them. "Oh my gosh, they're amazing."

My nips are excruciatingly hard and protrude like erasers. My lust is growing quickly and powerfully.

"Suck my tits," I reply firmly.

She immediately responds, and her sweet pink lips wrap my nips, sending an electric thrill of pure, primaeval passion through me. As waves of pleasure wash over me, I throw my head back, open my lips wide, and simply pant. That feels so freaking amazing, Mary and Joseph. I look down at her, who is kissing all over my busts. She humps her cherry and throws her knee across my hip to my crotch. The action exposes her cherry and sends a tremendous sweet smell of young love secretions into the air, mixing with my usual musky, more mature feminine odour. The sheer lustful excitement of the occasion had my cherry throbbing.

I reach lower under her buttocks to the restricted private area. She opens her legs even further to welcome my intimate touch. I've never touched a woman's privates. Her juices had slickened the creases. My fingers are moving up her slit to the firm nub of her sweet spot. A sigh from her lips indicates that she has felt my touch on that most sensitive area.

She pulls her head off my chest. "Oh, that feels fantastic," she sighs and groans as I investigate her crotch. I want to stick my finger into it. That seems excessive. However, she is humping my hip in heat. What the hell happened? I run my finger down her slit to her private hole and insert it two knuckles deep. As she freezes, a loud, wild sound of longing emanates from deep within her throat, and I twirl my finger in and around her crotch. Mine is throbbing, and my lust meter is flashing red. I'm in desperate need of an explosion. More foreplay, please.

"Go deeper inside me, Alexia," I say as I lift her chin and look her in the eyes.

"Of course, Amanda; it would be my joy."

I sit up higher on the headboard and place a pillow behind my back as she scrambles willingly between my legs. I'd like to see everything. She's down on her knees. Her flawless young figure with perky little bust is adorable. She grabs the waistband of my pants with both hands and tugs them down and off while I elevate my bottom to assist. She looks down at my intimate part, then up at me, before plunging her head down to my crotch and lying prone with her cute, tight butt in full view. The tiny warm breath from her mouth sends a shiver down my hypersensitive part. Oh my, I might die of pleasure, oh no.

Alexia lightly kisses the inside of one thigh, then the other. Oh my gosh, her nose is on my cameltoe notch, and her hot tongue is on my crotch. That's far too intense! My throat roars like a lioness, and I pant in pain as she come deep and true.

"Yes, Alexia, just like that. Ah, oh, yes, right there." A surge of excitement washes over me as her tongue darts with relish deep into my crotch. "You know what to do, honey."

An explosion is approaching me like a filthy freight train, fast and powerful. Oh my god. I want it, yet it might frighten me. I'm afraid I'm going to die. I put my hand on her silky hair and press her lips to my eager crotch.

"That's right baby”, she's devouring my sweet spot. Oh my! MY MANHOOD IS BURNING! My whole body is pulsing violently. This is just incredible. My thighs and lower belly proudly frame her face as she smiles up at me. What a sweetie. "Come up here girl, let me give you a huge hug," I say as she scrambles up into my arms. As she snuggles into my hug, I kiss the top of her head. As we lay there in the afterglow of a world-shattering pleasure, I realize that I don't want to go down on Alexia to repay the favour. I'm the client here. Maybe after a little nap, I'll get her to please me again.

" Alexia, dear, I think we should take a nap; please stay with me, and if it's okay with you, I'd like you to work your magic on me again."

"That would be my pleasure, sweetie; anything you like."

That's all set. Whatever I want. Now I'll just relax, place my palm on her bare, soft buttocks, and sleep off...

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