My First Female Escort Experience (Part 1)

My First Female Escort Experience (Part 1)

This is a story about one of our elite clients, Amanda, CEO of a large company in London. She recently hired a male escort from another agency and had a fantastic sensual evening. Now, she's looking to try something new tonight. She had always been intrigued about dating a female escort. Sheesh, she thought, now is the time to satisfy her need to be with a woman.

Read her story below.

My name is Amanda, 32 years old, fit, and lovely. My trainer keeps me in shape, and my yoga instructor keeps me supple. I am divorced over ten years ago, with no kids, and dated casually for years. Then my father died suddenly, and assuming the leadership position of the family business consumed me every waking moment. Pleasures with the opposite gender were out for decades. Thankfully, a fellow female executive told me about Dolls and Roses, a high-class and exclusive escort agency that offers Bisexual escorts. The cost of an escort at Dolls and Roses is not cheap as they are high-class companions, the ones that I really prefer.

Then I spotted Alexia, a delicate, extremely feminine young lady, while browsing the agency's catalogue on the bisexual escorts' page. Her sexy images portrayed a shy, blushing girl exhibiting her beauty charms. My heart raced as I surveyed her slender, fit physique, complete with perky petite busts and a tight little butt.

Alexia has brown hair that falls past her shoulders and a lovely, intellectual face. Her profile stated that she is a 24 years old Russian rose with breathtaking beauty and effortless elegance. I thought she was perfect for my first lesbian encounter. I knew myself so well that I would butt heads with an aggressive woman with my commanding character. No, Alexia will be fine. I imagined myself driving the encounter at my own pace.

I reserved my company's fancy corporate suite for tonight. The suite resembles an executive apartment rather than a hotel room. It contains a spacious living room with sofas, a separate bedroom, a bar, and a dining area. I set out a light dinner on the mahogany dining room table, a Waldorf salad on beautiful porcelain, and a bottle of my favourite white wine on ice, ready to fill the crystalline wine glasses. I want to talk to Alexia and get to know her before trying the lesbian experience.

Sunday is the one day that I have free time. The remainder of the week is going to be crazy. Today, however, was spent relaxing by shopping for lingerie and getting ready for my sexy dinner date in the private suite—what a thrilling, lustful surge. I recently purchased a new royal red satin underwear and bra set with embroidered white lace trim. I felt a buzz just putting it on. The groin features a filthy see-through mesh, so I could clearly see my camel-toe notch. When I saw that in the mirror, I swear I blushed. I haven't blushed since I was in high school. My senses are tingling as I prepare for a romantic date with a lovely young lady.

My motif was classy and elegant. As a result, I'm wearing a formal, full-length deep silver gown that I last wore to a $10,000-per-plate fundraiser for our chancellor's re-election campaign. It has a low, seductive neckline that exposes only the tops of my chest. The new bra is the pushup kind that young girls use to show off their busts. It gave my appearance a sexy feel. When I looked in the mirror after doing my makeup, I saw a powerful, beautiful, classy, and appealing person. I want to demonstrate my power. While I wait for Alexia, darling young Alexia, I'll take a double scotch on the rocks from the bar.

I hear a continuous knock on the door just in time. My heart is beating, and I can hear the flutter of silk from my gown as I rush to the door. I take a breather and gather my thoughts. Amanda, please calm down, I said to myself. Another thud, this time a little louder. I push open the door. Alexia is even more stunning than her profile pictures on the website.

"Hello Alexia, please come in," I said as I shut the door behind her. "My name is Amanda, and it's a pleasure to meet you." I extend my hand, and she softly shakes it.

"You look so beautiful, Amanda. I am very delighted to have this appointment with you," she says, looking up and down at my dress.

I took a step beside her and placed my hand on the middle of her back, directing her to the dining room. "Let's have a seat and speak over a light snack; I want to get to know you," Alexia says as we go around the room.

"Wow, this is one large hotel room," she replies cautiously and in astonishment.

"My company keeps it for visiting businesspeople and small meetings," I explain as I take a seat at the table, close enough to touch Alexia. "Please pour some wine, this is my favorite," I say as I pour a glass for both of us.

"Sure, wine is amazing; most people back home drink beer, but wine is much nicer". I raised my glass. "Let us have a toast to new friends."

Alexia cracks a relieved smile, which melts my heart. "To new friends," she adds, as our glittering glasses make a clean ring when they touch, and we drink. Going down my throat, the chilly liquid tastes delicious. Alexia is looking down modestly as I examine her profile, her flawless skin, her gorgeous long eyelashes, and her pink, natural full lips. I get a rush in my chest as I imagine how great this evening will be.

"I hope you enjoy Waldorf salad, which was made just down the street at the Waldorf Hotel."

She takes two small bits, eats them carefully, and says, "It's very tasty, thank you."

We eat and drink quietly. It appears to be tense. "Let me play some music; do you enjoy jazz?" I get up.

"Whatever you want is fine."

Hmm. Sure, whatever I want. Excellent attitude. I put on some light jazz, took another seat, and poured myself another glass of wine. The music casualizes the atmosphere. I'm getting a buzz from the alcohol.

"I'm wondering, how long have you been with the agency, Dolls and Roses?" I ask.

Alexia looks up at me, guilty, and says, "No, I'm actually new, but I've known the agency for so long, and they are one of the best escort agencies in London. You're actually my first date, and I hope that's fine with you. I really want you to be happy".

What a sweetheart. "That's wonderful, my love; everything is fine."

On the table, I placed my hand over hers. It's soft and warm. "I'm sure everything will be OK; don't worry at all." My god, she will do everything I want. My nips are becoming stiff.

I drag my hand off the table and onto her skirt at mid-thigh. I give her leg an approving squeeze, and she doesn't blink an eye. My mind is dashing with the possibilities for the rest of the evening.

"Here, let me fill your glass, and we can sit on the couch and talk."

Alexia walks in front of me. Her adorable skirt fits her bum so well. We sat a few feet apart on the sofa. She confidently smiles at me and asks, "Would you like me to sit next to you?"

That's unexpected. "That would be very good," she says as she adjusts to face me, placing her cheek on my shoulder and her hand on my hips.

"I'm very fortunate to be with such a lovely woman on my first date," she says into my ear.

I feel a sensation of joy pour over me, as well as a sense of control. I can see the faint trace of her pink bra beneath her blouse. Her skirt's hem had risen to mid-thigh. A new kind of sexual tension is in the air. Intimately touching a lady appears to be both forbidden and seductively alluring.

Alexia murmurs in my ear, "Your perfume is very sensual," and kisses the back of my neck just below my ear. Her ease with sexual intimacy begins to relax my inhibitions. I put my arm over her shoulder and go for her waist. Alexia reacts by nestling up tighter. I can feel her tender boobs against my side—what a new dirty sensation. I gaze down at her, and she looks up. She presses her lips against mine, giving me my first love kiss from a woman. Her youthful passion erupts as her lips search for mine and her breathing quickens through her nose. I embrace her with both hands and revel in the moment. Our kiss is quite sensual.

She is obedient and enthusiastic. I want to touch her body and run my hands over her feminine contours, but it seems like such a taboo area. But what the hell happened? This is my gathering. I run my hands down to her adorable, girly butt. She sighs with approval at my groping. My cherry is starting to stir. Her lips brush up against my neck, and her hot breathing in my ear turns me on.

I want to hold her chest, but that would violate such a forbidden lifetime boundary. I unbutton her blouse with trembling fingers. Her plain light pink bra is hidden from view. She excitedly pulls her body back, immediately removing her blouse and reaching behind her to untie her bra.

The sweetheart wishes to show me everything. Her gorgeous perky youthful busts are incredible. She takes my hand in hers and cups her busts before kissing me on the lips. Her busts are really delicate and firm. She sighs as I slide her tits between my fingers since it's diamond hard. What a passionate lady. I feel her other bust, and she responds with similar zeal.

Her palm brushed over my satin-covered thigh, and an electric shock ran straight to my groin. My brain quickly recognizes that this passionate lady will soon be all over me. I take a look down at my outfit. The skirt is a wrap-around, and the opening of the fold around my knees reveals my dark nylon calves. She's yanking the fold open, exposing my bare thigh above my stockings. I'm paralyzed.

"Is it acceptable if I touch you down there?" she asks quietly.

My throat tightens, but I pant and answer, "Yes." I watched her delicate fingers push the skirt slit open. The scene is too intense to bear. As her fingers touch my underwear over my intimate part, I lay my head on the nape of her neck and inhale the fresh aroma of her hair. As my legs split and she delicately cups my cherry, I groan like a bitch in heat. That feels freaking amazing…! (to be continued)

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