Why Most Men Cant Resist An Older Mature Woman

Why Most Men Cant Resist An Older Mature Woman

For many years, the fashion industry has created the impression that the ideal woman is skinny, petite, and young. That men tend to love these slim girls in their early teens, compared to bigger, more mature women. Yet, this is not the truth. The fact is, a majority of men can't resist an older mature woman; they ogle and crave to make out with such. It's like good wine that gets a better taste with time, and older mature women are also sought after by men for a good reason. They are more composed and settled, more experienced and confident in bed, not to mention that they tend to be drama free. An older mature woman will hardly raise her voice to her man; she'll always wait for the right moment to communicate her displeasure. Younger women, on the other hand, turn to go ballistic very easily.

A younger girl, on the other hand, is likely to have issues with almost anything. From losing their cool easily to being unfaithful; she knows she is hot and has several men chasing her at any given time. Thus, she has confidence that borders arrogance and won't hesitate to walk away after the slightest provocation. Mature women, on the other hand, tend to take things more soberly. She's more of an observer than a talker. She knows when to raise an issue and when to let it pass. Most men deplore drama queens and ladies that shout them down. There are many cases of men who went for much older women and ended up living happily ever after. There's always this fantasy with most men to sleep with an older woman; older women too yearn for younger men who can remind them of their youthful days.

It's also an open secret that older women are more confident in bed. They are past worrying about their bodies, or what their partners will think of their performance; they are into it for fun and enjoyment. This renders them the perfect partners for the ever passionate and energetic men. Great sex is what keeps the two together like glue. Girlfriends and younger ladies tend to complicate matters, sometimes to the extent of using sex as a weapon. No man loves to beg and plead with their woman for sex, only to be turned down! This rubs their egos the wrong way rather than living with this constant heartbreak, and they simply opt for someone more understanding. They end up in the arms of an older, mature woman who is often more accommodating. Unlike a younger and jumpier one who thinks all about herself, these women are ever ready to accommodate the man's emotional desires. They say that age is mellower; it teaches a woman how to love. Age teaches her to put, not just her concerns, but also her lover's.

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