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Massage from Escorts

Massage from Escorts

In the past, massage was only something for the elite found only in upscale health clubs and luxury spas. However, today you can enjoy a relaxing massage from escorts of your choice. With the many benefits associated with a nice massage therapy session, you also get to enjoy the company of a beautiful sociable escort. When you hire the services of a masseuse escort, you need to know the kind of massage that you are looking for. The following are the different types of massages that you can get from Dolls and Roses escorts.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

This is a type of massage that targets the most cavernous layers of connective tissues and muscles. The strokes used by the masseuse escort are slow and require friction on the muscle grain. This type of massage is perfect for someone with postural problems, repetitive strain, painful muscles and someone who is recovering from an injury. If your work entails more of sitting in one position, then this is the massage you need to get you back on track.

  • Aromatherapy Massage Massage from Escort

This is the massage where essential oils are added to the massage therapy to address distinct needs. When you get such a massage from escort she makes sure to select essential oils that are energizing, relaxing, balancing and stress reducing. Lavender is one of the oils used in this type of massage. If you are looking for a way to relieve your work or daily life’s stress, you definitely want to select an escort that is best at performing aromatherapy.

  • Swedish Massage Therapy

This type of massage therapy is the most common type that almost all escorts from Dolls and Roses can perform. The escort normally uses wonderful massage oil or lotion for kneading, relatively long and smooth strokes and circular movements on the muscle layers. This therapy is quite gentle and relaxing and it is perfect for first timers. After the soothing massage, you can continue enjoying the companionship of an elegant escorts.

  • Hot Stone Massage

Here, the escort takes some smooth stones that are heated and position them on certain body points to loosen the tight muscles by warming them. The stones also balance the body’s energy centers. At some point, she will hold the stones with her hands and apply very gentle pressure to them at different points of the body. You will enjoy a comforting feeling from the warmth of the hot stones especially if you have muscle tension. The best part about hot stone massage is it’s lightness and subtleness on the muscles.

  • Thai Massage

This type of massage aligns the body energies using gentle pressure on distinct points. In addition to the gentle pressure, the escort also performs some stretches and compressions. With this massage, you should expect to be moved into different postures by someone who is willing to make sure that you enjoy your session as much as possible. This is more like yoga without you doing anything. If you are looking for more of an energizing massage, this is the massage for you. It is not only a stress reliever but also improves motion range and flexibility.

  • Shiatsu

This is a Japanese type of massage that focuses on the entire body. It uses confined finger pressure in a periodic sequence on stylostixis highpoints. To help the body regain its balance and improve energy flow, each point is seized for between two to eight seconds. The pressure put on this type of massage is great but the end result is normally surprisingly relaxing.


There are different types of massage therapies that are offered by Dolls and Roses escorts. To get the best massage from escorts, you need to have in mind the exact type of therapy your body needs.

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