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The Life Of A Super Model Escort At Dolls And Roses

The Life Of A Super Model Escort At Dolls And Roses

If you are one of the millions of people who are curious about the life of a super model, then wonder no more. You might think it must be so easy and glamorous; thinking their days are spent shopping and having their hair and nails done and just sitting by the pool sipping mimosas. Yet, this couldn’t be further from the truth; it takes a lot of hard work and strict discipline to be the perfect companion.

The Life Of A Super Model Escort At Dolls And Roses
So here are some of the tips of the life of a super model escort at Dolls and Roses;

  • Education and general knowledge – Most of the super models at Dolls and Roses attend some of the top universities and colleges in the UK. This means that they need to spend a lot of time attending classes or taking courses they are interested in. They also know that general knowledge is important and they need to be aware of what’s happening because clients aren’t just looking for beautiful women with stunning bodies; they want a woman who can hold a conversation for a better and deeper connection. This means spending time increasing their knowledge and finding real interests that challenge them and keep them abreast of world affairs.
  • Health – When they study, they take care of their minds and another very important element is their physical health. This just doesn’t revolve around food and counting calories, but it involves eating the right food in the right portions, which equals a healthy diet. They also drink a lot of water which is great to keep the skin soft, smooth, keeps the body hydrated and removes toxins too. Generally, they avoid salt or sodium, makes one bloated which they avoid especially before photo shoots and they ensure they get enough hours of sleep every day to look great and feel even better. This doesn’t mean that they only live on salads and don’t indulge once in a while. They all have their cravings and when they do, they indulge once in a while. If you like chocolate, you can have a little piece and it won’t throw you off track. Yet more often than not, they ensure they eat healthy food because bad eating habits show on their skin and bodies which isn’t great at all.
  • Fitness – It important for them to keep fit. It helps keep their bodies trim and toned, their skin and hair glowing and they have loads of energy after working out. Every girl has her own preference; it’s important for the ladies to find an activity they love so that they can keep at and do it consistently. Some of them work out more than others but ideally, getting a good work out 3 – 4 days a week is ideal. Some opt to do lighter work outs every other day, so whatever works for the individual is the best choice based on time available and preference.
  • Grooming – It is important that a super model looks her best at all times. This means her hair is clean and shiny, skin looks healthy and her fashion sense it impeccable. Their makeup should always look great; it doesn’t have to be elaborate yet they need to look attractive once they step out the door. Dolls and Roses has the most attractive and impeccably groomed ladies so you will be sure once you make a booking with us, you will always meet a lady who is lovely, well groomed and attractive.
  • Fun! – Like all other ladies, super models love to have fun! They love to shop, love good clothes, jewellery, shoes and fashion. They also have varied interests from art to theatre to sightseeing. Most enjoy fine dining and going clubbing and each super model has her hobbies which she indulges in as a way to unwind and let loose which is important. All work and no play...


Now that you have a few insights into the life of a supermodel, you will be able to appreciate the effort the ladies make to look their very best for you. Make your booking today at Dolls and Roses to view the profiles of our super models today.

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