Life of a Model Escort in London – Fantasy vs. Reality

Life of a Model Escort in London

It’s an open secret that London is a posh and fabulous place to be in; the city is orderly, welcoming, with many nice restaurants and shopping stores for the “shopaholics”.  And just like this city is famous for being one of the biggest, most cosmopolitan cities in the world, the same applies for London escorts; they are some of the most stunning, classy escorts you’ll find anywhere in the world. In fact truth be told, the life of a London escort reads like something from a romantic novel, or a thriller out of this world. These are ladies who eat from life with a big spoon, as the old adage goes. However, it’s worth noting that we are not speaking of just any escort, but escorts that work with major and reputable escort agencies like Dolls and Roses. When it comes to analyzing the life of the top cream of London escorts, one would be shocked to learn that most live like celebrities and movie stars.

Life of a Model Escort in London – Fantasy vs. Reality
Fantasy vs reality; the naked truth

  • First and foremost, London escorts can be categorized into two; independent escorts, and escorts working under or for an escort agency. Like the name suggests, independent escorts are independent, and decide their terms and conditions of working. These independent escorts tend to be young and beautiful, often with their lives in order; maybe with a part time job, living in her own flat but looking for an extra way to make money.
  • Escorts working for escort agencies are the real deal, for most live lavish lifestyles. If you’d be lucky to come across a VIP escort for instance, you’d be amazed! These are ladies with class, elegance, donning the latest designer clothes, shoes, and other accessories. That’s not all; others live in fully furnished apartments where they can host the discerning gentleman. Here, you’ll be pampered round the clock, including a full body massage in a heated pool away from any preying eyes.
  • Some VIP models from some major London escort agencies like Dolls and Roses have been known to trot the globe with shocking frequency; today they are in Milan for shopping, the next day they fly to New York to meet a client, then the other day they in Dubai, and by weekend, they are back in London! This tells you that they are exposed, and widely traveled, and exposed to fine things in life.


To get a taste of just what awesome company these London escorts can offer, just contact one of the reputable agencies like Dolls and Roses; they have the most stunning and polished escorts around.

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