Introducing International Model Isabella

Introducing VIP Companion Isabella

Isabella is a dynamic brunette, 25 years of age, and standing at an impressive five feet seven inches tall. This enchanting blue-eyed European buxom beauty holds a large number of toys in her toy

chest for your exclusive pleasure. Her bra boasts pliable 34D breasts and her legs go on for miles especially when she is dressed elegantly in classy yet alluring clothing. A native English speaker, she is fluent and impressively eloquent in the language

Isabella has a uniquely charming personality, bound to make even the shyest of people relax and open up around her. Her discreetness allows you to be your wildest self without any fear of judgment, only the opposite; she has a great capacity for many erotic experiences, so have no doubt this sly kitten is kinkier than she looks. She is highly intuitive and greatly capable of inferring a man’s needs even before he voices them! This temptress is theanswer to whatever your problem because you are guaranteed she will give you exactly what you, want how you want it.


Isabella is a highly experienced high-class escorts who knows how to handle herself in a number of various settings. This classy globe-trotting girl is both well travelled and educated. She can hold her end in stimulating intellectual conversations on a wide number of topics ranging from general knowledge, current affairs and many more you will discover on meeting her. Whether you want to impress colleagues at an office party, show off to your boys on a golf retreat weekend or meeting important clients abroad, she will not fail to impress.


Booking Isabella for international escort services is a decision you will not regret, she will be at your beck call for the duration you have enlisted her services and leave you craving more. People who work hard deserve to not only play hard but play perfectly. She will make her time with you memorable by adequately sating your every desire and worshipping you with lavish love, care and attention you deserve.


To book Isabella for your share in an unforgettable experience will cost you less than you are bound to gain in this thrilling adventure. The first hour costs 1000 pounds, two hours costs 1600 pounds, if you want something a little more than a dinner date, it will only set you around 2000 pounds. Any extra hours attract an additional charge of 600 pounds per hour. Men of truly insatiable appetites can have Bianca a whole night at 5000 pounds only and have the night of their wildest dreams.

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