How To Have A Private Escort For Your Business Party

How To Have A Private Escort For Your Business Party

A business party is different from other types of parties in so many ways. A business party also referred to as a corporate party in professional terms, has to balance between entertaining your guests while still maintaining a measured atmosphere for everyone present. When it comes to including escorts on the menu, then you can be sure to entertain your fellow business colleagues in ways they never anticipated. The trick is to always ensure that you pick beautiful and polished ladies. There is the old stereotype that beauty and brains don’t go together; but that’s a misconception! It’s possible to get some really stunning ladies that are as beautiful as they are intelligent. Here at Dolls and Roses, we are specialists when it comes to offering private, professional escorts for business parties.

  • how-to-have-a-private-escort-for-your-business-partyFirst and foremost, you need to know beforehand the number of guests or business colleagues that will be in attendance. The beauty of business parties is that they can be among two business associates, four of them, six, or whatever number. Once you’ve determined the number, you can go ahead and now start the real planning. In most instances, business parties are more fun if you bring the escorts as a surprise. The element of surprise brings out the best from among the business partners, as each tries to outdo the other in wooing the ladies.
  • But still, you can consult your guests and hear whether they find the idea thrilling. This could even help you learn a thing or two about their individual tastes and preferences. Men are visual beasts, and will probably be describing to you their tastes in terms like curvy, busty, slender, and so on so forth. As the planner or one in charge of the party, these tips will help you in picking the right private escorts for the day. Here at Dolls and Roses, we give you a peep into our gallery, where you can sample the 100+ stunning girls that we have. All sizes, shapes, eye colors, hair lengths, nationalities; Dolls and Roses is home to all.
  • Like aforementioned, it s very crucial that when picking a private escort for a business party, you pick one that’s polished and cultured. Here at Dolls and Roses, all our ladies are highly educated and intelligent. A big number of them are ladies that have graduated from colleges and universities across the UK. Well, the last thing you want is to bring some ladies that won’t click along with your guests. This would not just be embarrassing, it would be annoying for your business associates who would have to put up with ladies they are not into. Thus, to be on the safe side, pick a lady that combines both beauty, and intelligence.
  • Is the business party being held inside a home? A restaurant? Or a distant venue where you just want to be alone and have wild fun? Whatever the case, be sure to book and arrange with the escorts well on time. Here at Dolls and Roses, we give our clients an amazing opportunity to engage and converse with our escorts long before the date of the party. You can even form a group on Whatsapp with your business associates and colleagues, then add our sexy escorts to the group too. This not only helps build the rapport between everyone, but you can also make joint arrangements and planning on the things you want to do, places to go, on the party day!


Our private escorts are some of the finest ladies you’ll find anywhere here in London. Book one today to spice up and liven your business party.

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