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Renowned for our gloriously elite beauties we can now add stunning English London escorts to our list. As you can see from our ever increasing galleries we are gradually expanding our portfolio to include stunning, home grown English London escorts. Now, as you might have gathered, English escorts have been becoming more and more rare in the city. They have been eclipsed by their Eastern European and Latin counterparts and indeed to find a regular English companion is difficult enough however finding an elite English escort is nigh on impossible!

We are delighted to show that our own bespoke galleries of gorgeous girls do indeed include those English roses you find so alluring. With their clipped tones and tantalising eloquence you could find yourself dining or spending intimate time with in the heart of the city. Now, English ladies are known for their wonderful personalities and social skills. In public, they are the perfect example of demure and respectful companion however behind closed doors you can guarantee an altogether different side is revealed. Fantastic sense of humour with a dry and ironic wit, there is nothing much that will shock or surprise your English beauty. The English are also known for embracing all forms of kink, so if there is something more exotic and less vanilla that you would like to try then a British beauty is the lady who can accept without question and embrace your desires. The English as a nation are difficult to shock and they tend to be very accepting of all forms of pleasure so if there is something a little different that you have never experienced, now is the time to do it.

In the other major cities in the UK there are a plethora of English escorts. In the city, your choice is more limited which is why at Dolls and Roses we are committed to provide the very best for your pleasure and our English gallery is something we are very proud of. Our high standards are maintained and we only promote the very cream of the crop. Our ladies are just that – ladies in every sense of the word. They are usually successful in their own right and are simply enjoying the opportunity to meet new people and experience new pleasures – just like you. Confident and outgoing, our beauties have experienced more than most and are the ideal companions with whom to share your deepest darkest desires.

The feedback from our valued clients has been very positive. Our high-class escorts are everything they expected and more. Excellent manners, well groomed and understated glamour is the order of the day. These are not touring escorts who travel up and down the country. These are elite young ladies who live in Central London all the time. They know all the best places to go, use terms of endearment like ‘darling’ and ‘sweetie’ and have the upper class accents that so many gentlemen find attractive. Perhaps it is the thought of an upper class beauty behaving very ‘badly’ that is such a turn on, Mary Poppins gone wild so to speak!

Our home grown stunners include more mature ladies as well as their younger counterparts. We find that there is a higher number of English mature escorts than any other and perhaps It is because these ladies like to enjoy themselves in the company of a gentlemen with taste. They have a very open minded outlook on life and their confidence only enhances the time you will have together. Call us today to find out more about our English stunners and we will assist wherever possible.

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