Fifty years old and still an escort

Fifty years old and still an escort

There is a presumption that all escorts are young and this is what all clients want. It’s easy to see how that is a mistake; young girls are seen to be more sexy, lithe, attractive and thought to be more adventurous and liberal and yes, most escort agencies have a vast number of young and sexy escorts and yet, most know that older escorts are appreciated by quite a number of clientele. So why is an escort 50 years old and still an escort?

Here are some reasons why men would want to be with a mature and older escort

  1. Maturity high class mature escort

    Older escorts are more mature and have experience when it comes to all aspects of life. They have lived longer, seen more and are more mature and settled than their younger counterparts and this means their viewpoints and experiences have been honed over time. They are decent, they seek to understand you and will be great company for anyone who seeks more than just sexual gratification, mature women offer a wholesome experience. You get to enjoy their company, can talk to them without being judged and the more surprising thing which most people don’t know is that they are also sexually liberal and open, sometimes more so than younger women.
  2. Experienced

    Some clients swear by older and mature escorts for their highly skilled skills and this is definitely an added advantage to anyone who wants to have a wonderful time with an escorts. They have experience and they know how to please a client and they also know what works for them and what they like. Many younger women aren’t aware of what they like, so for anyone who is looking for an escort to also be part of the experience and to participate fully, a mature escort could be the best option.
  3. More open minded and liberal

    Older women are less likely to judge. They have come to understand that everyone is different and everyone seeks to be heard and understood. This mFifty years old and still an escorteans that when it comes to learning about your fantasies and enacting them, they are less judgmental and more willing to try them out to please you. Chances are they have some experience and might make your experience even more pleasurable than you ever imagined.
  4. More wholesome experience

    Mature women know what to ask, know what to look out for and for those who act as companions, you can expect a more wholesome experience. They are genuinely interested in knowing about you, what drives you and what you are about and this undivided attention and nonjudgmental attitude is a real turn on.
  5. Great companions for mature clients too

    Mature clients also need companions too and sometimes, younger escorts might not be a great or ideal match for some mature clients. Mature escorts might be more to a client’s taste and they might have more in common and be able to talk about similar likes and interests. This connection makes for great physical attraction and greater intimacy.
  6. Fulfill fantasies

    Some men are attracted to older women and this is normal. It could be that they find them more self-aware, more mature, more in control of themselves and besides, there is less drama when it comes to older women. Some men actually seek out mature women to fulfill one of their fantasies.


So whatever your choice or type, it’s important to choose an escort based on your type and preference.

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