Exclusive English escorts in London

Exclusive English Escorts in London | Dolls and Roses

English escorts in London are actually quite rare in the city, even though you would assume that home-grown beauties are ten a penny in and around the capital.

There are so many escort agencies in London which have scores of European and South American beauties that true English escorts are often overlooked. It is strange since most of the foreign visitors to the UK who book dates with gorgeous girls like to do so with girls who are typically English. They have the idea that their chosen English escort will be like someone out of the aristocracy; she will speak eloquently, her wonderfully high-class accent piercing your very soul as she seduces and entices you. Some girls are a disappointment in these respects – but the ladies here at Dolls and Roses have these traits (and, of course, many more).

Our elite escort agency in London is known for promoting only the very best companions and this includes some of the most VIP English escorts in the country. Of course, you would expect and even hope for our high-class escorts to offer incalls and outcalls in such areas as Knightsbridge, Kensington and Belgravia, and this indeed is the case. Many of our English escorts like to be wined and dined in the top restaurants in the West End of London or treated to a night out in an exclusive bar or club well away from the prying eyes of everyday partygoers. They are exquisitely presented, so wherever you decide to take them, our elite English escorts in London are sure to draw envious glances from other revellers as soon as they enter the room.

Our concierge service is perfect for gentlemen who are seeking wholly intimate encounters and exclusive dates. We can arrange for your travel and accommodation needs to be met, and we can make arrangements for entry to various A-list establishments in the city. If you are attending high-class events then the lady on your arm needs to reflect your stature; only high-class English escorts, with their exceptional intelligence, alluring wit and engaging conversational skills, will do.

Why choose an exclusive English escort?

The appeal of an English escort is one that is universal. These girls have a charm and grace which captivates gentlemen from all nations. The English have a very down to earth attitude to most things and many of our clients find this to be a very alluring quality. To be so proper, yet have a hidden naughty side that’s just waiting to be unleashed, offers a dream combination – so as you’d expect, our English escorts in London are in consistently high demand.

If you are an English speaker yourself then it can be comforting to enjoy an encounter with someone who speaks the same language. However, it is not just the language that you will be attracted to, it is also the sense of humour and understanding of your way of thinking that will appeal the most. Our English girls also have a wonderful sense of adventure, which means that a date with one of these beauties in the capital will certainly never be dull.

There is nothing garish or over the top about an English escort. Elegance, refinement and subdued glamour is the order of the day. Plus, an English escort will know the expectations of her and will rise to them with a flourish.

At Dolls and Roses, you will not be surprised to learn that our escorts are considered amongst the most expensive in the city. However, it is usual to expect to receive what you pay for and at our elite London escort agency, you will most certainly get the type of date you desire.

Whether you choose to spend time with our charming English escorts or opt instead for a Latin American lady or a sexy European girl, we guarantee you will always be assured of a superb encounter.

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