Every Man Likes Something Different In a Woman

Every Man Likes Something In a Woman

Each and every man is known to have a different taste in women; the skin tone, type of hair, race, accent, and body size as well as their dress code. Women are known to be different in all ways but there is always something about them that will make a man notice them even from a distance. A man can approach a variety of ladies in a day that attracted him in different ways.

Men look for a specific thing in a woman that will tick them off. Some have the same preferences while others don’t. Below are a few things men consider;

  • Flirtatious women

    women can also be very particular when choosing men. However, men are known to be too particular than women. Being a flirt can turn off some men while to others it can turn them on. You do not have to be too much of a flirt but just be the fun type. Being easy and comfortable around men can earn you the opportunity to indulge with most of them.
  • SexyEvery Man Likes Something Different In a Woman

    being sexy does not necessarily mean being ratchet. Sexy women are very attractive and seductive. They stand out in a crowd but only attract men that have a high self-esteem and are confident. Sexy women are very intriguing and require a man to be able to deliver and cater for most of their needs.
  • Feminine

    we all know there are men that are attracted to manly ladies. But this is just but a small percentage of men. Most men are attracted to the feminine side of women. This means that as a lady, men will be attracted to the way you smell, how you walk, how you dress and the way you keep yourself. Apart from all this, as a lady, you should at least be able to cook and be romantic apart from being beautiful.
  • Independent and emotionally mature

    Not many ladies are able to depend on themselves. Being independent is a trait most men prefer in a lady. A woman who is able to inspire you and help you grow is a keeper. Any lady who is emotionally mature is one that does not let their emotions take control of their decisions and the relationship. They however deal with their emotions in a better state than overreacting.
  • Smart, charismatic and adaptable to any situation

    men are known to be social beings. After a few dates they will want to introduce you to their friends so as to get their opinion about you. If he is very serious about you and wants to take the relationship to deeper levels, the woman should show how smart and social she is. Every man is attracted to a woman who can easily adapt to a situation and the surrounding environment.
  • Seductive

    every man loves a woman that can seduce them anywhere and at any time. Being seductive is a bit different from being sexy and flirtatious; however, it entails both. You can easily seduce a man through your dress code, eye and body language, sexy talk, pictures and even the tone of your voice. Men are sexual beings and can be turned on by a simple seduction. If you are able to master the art of seduction then you are able to attract a lot of men your way.
  • Beautiful

    not suggesting that some girls are ugly, but there are women who do not know how to keep themselves beautiful and attractive. All men want a lady they can brag about to their family and friends. Be the type of damsel that dresses her body well, applies the right amount of makeup and can speak eloquently.


Every man looks for a specific thing in a woman.

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