Escorts In 2016 Have The Sexiest Business Cards That You Have Ever Seen!

Escorts In 2016 Have The Sexiest Business Cards

That escorts in 2016 have the sexiest business cards is no doubt. A nicely designed business card by one of the major and reputable agencies like Dolls and Roses is quite a sight to behold, and is a card you would always feel proud to carry along. Traditionally, business cards were standard and a one size fits it all kind of thing. The card was either white, or black, with some text, and a photo on top. But with the boom and expansion of escort services in the UK, business cards are being pushed to the limits. Today, you can be sure to get a sexy business card with the photo of your favorite escort, professionally taken and designed.

  • Escorts In 2016 Have The Sexiest Business Cards That You Have Ever Seen!Most escorts are by nature very beautiful and stunning, always with looks that are easy on the eye and a Size 8 figure. In other words, they are very photogenic and some are actually professional models that appear in beauty and fashion magazines. In that regard, you can imagine just how sexy and unique their business cards would look like!
  • Their photos are taken by professional photographers; Dolls and Roses goes as far as hiring entire studios for a photo session of their escorts. Such studios are modern, well equipped, and managed by world class directors. It would feel great carrying a business card with an escort that looks like a celebrity, but also knowing that she’s the lady you spent time with a few weeks or months ago; makes one feel like a conqueror, right?
  • Another thing that has made escorts in 2016 come up with some of the sexiest business cards you’ve ever seen is the design of the card itself. You see, a good business card even by normal standards should be simple and to the point. Escorts have maintained this old rule, but also incorporated some other creative ideas and designs in the cards. You’ll find them designed with unique, rounded corners, not to mention the spot gloss.
  • Besides, the photo or image, and text on the business card is one thing; the color of the card also speaks volumes. This means that different colors have different meanings or symbolisms; black for instance intones seriousness and power, white is seen as safe and standard, blues means honesty, and someone or something that’s trustworthy, and so on so forth. The beauty of it all is that the cards can be designed according to your specifications, meaning that you can opt or request for any color that you fancy.
  • At other times, an escort business card will be like a statement you’re making. You see, escorts have different sexual orientations; straight, bi, lesbian, and so on so forth. On their business cards, they are always proud of their identity, and won’t shy away from stating just what services they offer. As a client, if you strongly feel that you can relate to the sexuality of the escort, having her card is one way of advancing that cause! It’s basically like a movement of people resisting what mainstream society would vilify as improper. A 2016 escort business card is as bold as it’s sexy.


For a sample of some of the top and most popular escort business cards in 2016, you can contact Dolls and Roses escort agency. Here, you’ll find a variety of ideas to select from, all ready and waiting to be printed. One common trend among some people is the use of Black and White photos on the card, to give it a more sentimental feel and appearance.

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