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Escorts Know How To Dress Up

Escorts Know How To Dress Up
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This may surprise, or evoke furious debate amongst many. But truth of the matter is that most escorts dress up better than your average girlfriend. Or even wife, for that matter. While girlfriends and wives are always torn between looking sexy for their partners, and decent in the eyes of the society, most escorts hardly care about such. For them, they have the freedom to dress expensively and sexily as and when they please, especially when meeting clients. Again, the fact that most work at night or in clandestine environments, means that they always do their best to look hot. Contrary to what most people assume, not all escorts dress up as sluts. Rather, they know how to read the signs of the time and go for the appropriate dress.

Seeing that escorts take their job as a profession, and a serious one for that matter, most never shy away from spending on their dressing. Each month an escort will spend the better part of her earnings just to get the latest clothes. She knows full well that if she doesn’t look attractive for her clients, she risks losing out. Thus, from designer clothes, handbags, shoes, and other accessories, escorts leave nothing to chance; they are always looking nice.

Escorts Know How To Dress Up

  1. Formal

    a big number of escorts also double up as graduates or university students. What this means is that most also offer companionship to clients attending important business meetings or conferences. In such scenarios, the escort is capable of dressing up so smartly and officially that you’d mistake her to be the real secretary to her client. She’ll not just dress the part, but also act professionally, hardly speaking unless spoken to, even engaging other attendees in intelligent discussions and talk.
  2. Sexy

    when it comes to dinner dates, romantic dates, or clubbing time, you can expect your escort to dress up sexily. From scanty, tight dresses that hug their petite frames leaving little to imagination, to tiny shorts and boots worn when going out to party and dance at night; escorts are pros in this area. In fact, their dressing alone can make you want to change a dinner date into something more intimate given a chance.
  3. Naughty

    this often happens behind closed doors. Most escorts love playing with and teasing their clients. Some will dress up like school girls, with a complete student’s skirt and white blouse. Only that unlike a student, she’ll open the top buttons to suggestively reveal her cleavage and boobs. Others love to dress up as police women, air hostesses, or nurses! Nothing equals the sight of a naughty escort dressed up as a nurse, complete with a fake stethoscope hanging from her neck!


. The difference between an escort and your girlfriend or wife is that the former is always open and pleased to have you suggest how you want her to dress up. But with the latter, it’s hard to suggest what you want her to wear without offending her. In fact, girlfriends and wives tend to take it personally when you suggest that she changes that dress, for another that you think is better. Why doesn’t he like this dress? Does he have another woman; is he comparing me to her? These are some of the things that’ll be going on in your girlfriend’s mind anytime you suggest she dresses as you ish.

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