Dolls And Roses Provides Escorts For Private Jet Trips In UK

Escorts For Private Jet Trips In UK

Jet trips are always fascinating, whichever way you look at it. Nothing feels as satisfying and complete, as seeing yourself onboard a private jet, with all its Porsche and breathtaking interior designs, the clouds below; it is a swagger beyond compare in this world. At Dolls and Roses, we are now offering beautiful escorts for your private jet trip around the UK, or even outside the UK borders! All our private escorts are worth every minute of your time during your trip; they are the perfect way to spice up your trip, whether it is an official one, or just for leisure.

  • Dolls-And-Roses-Provides-Escorts-For-Private-Jet-Trips-In-UKDolls and Roses clearly understands that private jet trips should be serene and enjoyable, and also made to be as memorable as possible. We have thus taken time to train and polish our private escorts to ensure that once they are onboard, they offer you the best moments possible.
  • The latest trend is to have the private escort dress up like an air hostess; dressed sexily in a short skirt, a revealing blouse, and serving your favorite drinks or snacks during the flight. We have ensured that these escorts have the shapely legs, and bright smile that characterize most air hostesses around the world.
  • All our private escorts for your private jet trip are natives of the UK. They know all parts of the country, and if you are looking for a place to spend a few days in, before flying to the next destination, they are the perfect people to have onboard.
  • 80% of all the escorts at Dolls and Roses are graduates of the leading universities and colleges around the UK. In other words, these are women who are educated, informed, and capable of holding all manner of intelligent destinations. When you’re up 30,000 ft on a private jet, you need a versatile woman; a woman who can hold an intelligent discussion, and seduce you wither mere presence. All the escorts that we have are able to keep you intellectually engaged during your flight.
  • Our escorts for private jet trips are all wild and very spontaneous. What is the craziest thing that couples have done when alone on private jets? Well, you can always count on our wild and creative escorts to come up with something memorable, and deeply satisfying. They are experts at offering body massages while onboard, or even offering you a lap dance during the flight. Nothing is as fun as having a scantily dressed escort, holding her wine glass in one hand, and also dancing on your lap, at 30,000 ft up there!
  • Jet trips, or air travel for that matter, are always characterized by much paperwork, in order to get clearance to fly from one place to the other. We have ensured that all our escorts for private jet trips around the UK have all their documents ready, so that they can fly to any destination at a moment’s notice. This means, that you can book the escort today, land at Heathrow tomorrow morning, pick the escort, and head to Stuttgart on the same day without any delay or hitch.
  • To check out the best escorts for your private jet trip, you just need to visit our site at Dolls and Roses. Here you’ll find photos and profiles of the escorts so that you choose whoever pleases you.


Don’t embark on a boring jet trip around or outside the UK; whether you are alone or with friends, Dolls and Roses has many awesome ladies eager and ready to join you and spice up your trip. Book the escorts now using our Online Booking system on Dolls and Roses.

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